Mereenie Loop in November

by Rosie

My husband and I are doing the Mereenie Loop from Alice Springs in November. I know it will be hot but is it complete madness? We are hiring an a/c 4x4. Do you have any tips on keeping cool? We are planning to sight-see at the beginning and end of the day and travel through the hottest hours.

Also I want to camp at the Palm Valley campsite in the Finke National Park. We'd like to be in a campsite with other people around and I know this one is quite a nice one. Will there be other people or at least a manager at the campsite in November?

Thank you for your help, I've really enjoyed planning this trip and love your website!

Regards Rosie

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Mereenie Loop and Palm Valley
by: Birgit

Hi Rosie,
Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like the site.
If it's madness or not depends how you cope with the heat. Tips to keep cool? Um, turn on the a/c?

If it's hot you'll get hot. Just make sure you always have enough water and drink, drink, drink. It really makes a difference. And always wear a hat of course, I don't think I need to say that.

You'll only run into serious problems if you get big rains. I wouldn't expect that, but then again, rain down there is highly unpredictable.

As for Palm Valley, it's pretty popular and many tour operators visit it, so there should be other people in the campground. There are no managers at bush campgrounds in national parks. But there are of course rangers and the ranger station is not far from the campsite.

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