Night driving in the outback

by Oliver

We had to drive on several days some hours at night to match our travel schedule. The locals usually drive in the middle of the street to prevent accidents with animals and so did we. It is recommendable to drive carefully and have the co-driver watching the bush while the driver concentrates only on the road.

With this technique we did fine - the co-driver just announced animals off the street and the driver could lower the speed. We drove with approximately max 100km/h even if 130km/h were allowed. We had some animals on the street but always enough way to brake. Only one night we decided to wait until the next day because so many animals' eyes could be seen next to the street.

Driving at night gives you also the great advantage that you will see some interesting animals (e.g. we spotted huge wild cats).

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Night driving
by: Birgit

Thanks for sharing these tips!

You are right, I don't think I ever mentioned the bit about driving in the middle of the road. I always do. Gives you more time to react and more room to move.

I still hate night driving because it's still risky and I avoid it when I can.

Those introduced, feral cats are horrible. They wipe out all wildlife, all birds and lizards, within their roaming area. They are very efficient killers and breed several times a year. One of the worst pests to ever hit Australia.

Change your Schedule
by: Anonymous

If you have stuffed up your holiday by assuming all roads are four lane sealed highways change your schedule so you have time to see the Outback beyond the road. You may even meet people, though this might be too scary for a city slicker.

I edited out the abuse, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. How come the rude know-it-alls never put their name under anything? B.

Drowsy and night driving
by: Karen hill

No Nap. If you are feeling drowsy but needed to keep yourself on the road and just want to make it to your destination as soon as possible without causing a major accident. No Nap is a small, easy to use, device that will keep you and others safe during a long, drowsy drive. All you need to do is turn the device on, adjust the wake up angle switch, and place it behind your ear. This gadget has been popular with truckers who spend long hours on the road and it could be useful for keeping many others safe on the highway as well.

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