Outback adventure trip planning help?

by Ursula

I'm having a lot of trouble with planning this Aussie outback adventure & would be relieved if someone can help me out, at least a little bit! Here's the scenario:

I have a group of 10 European "backpackers" coming next April & I need to organise an outback adventure trip for them.

Locations include: Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia (ie Broome, the Kimberley, Karijini NP), Darwin & Alice Springs.

Time frame: about 2-3 weeks.
Main question: How on earth can I fit all this in within 2-3 weeks?!

I was thinking of booking a one way flight from Sydney-Melbourne (to save time). Then hiring a mini bus (12 seater) from Melbourne and start the road trip from there and move west, or maybe to the NT first?

Or should I get them to arrive in Perth or Darwin first, start the outback adventure from there, then somehow make our way towards Melbourne & Sydney?

I'm really dedicated to getting this trip right, as well as making it a budget trip (ie we'll be camping in WA, using backpacker's hostels in Sydney etc). I've just started doing research and planning, so the idea is still fresh.

If anyone's interested in helping me out or just giving me some practical advice (any advice is welcome as I'm already in a mode of panic) then you can even contact me on:
kangurek07 AT yahoo DOT com

Thanks :-)

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Outback adventure trip planning help?

Hi Ursula,
By "next April", do you mean April 2009 or in a few weeks time? If all you have to get this organised is a few weeks then you should be in panic mode... That is VERY little time.

Ok, some more constructive help.

Your main question is how to fit all that into 2-3 weeks. Frankly, I think that it will be a bit much. You would be spending ALL your time in that bus, driving, driving, driving.

To see what's possible I would suggest search for both outback tours and self drive itineraries for Melbourne—Darwin trips and Perth—Darwin trips. Both are available online. Tour operators often list their detailed itineraries on their websites.

Between all those itineraries you will get a realistic idea about what's possible in that time. You will also get very good guidelines on how to structure the individual days, where to stop and what to do etc.

If you decide to fit ALL of that in I would drive either Melbourne—Darwin—Perth or Perth—Darwin—Melbourne. I would definitely NOT drive Melbourne—Perth at all. Fly, if you need Perth on the itinerary.

Another thing you want to keep in mind is that April is the tail end of the wet season up north and that you will be limited in what you can do. Especially across the Kimberley you would be very limited.

To find out more about the Kimberley and also about the wet season up north you can read the free guide on my Kimberley site.

Hope those suggestions allow you to make a start on your planning. Good luck!

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thank you
by: Ursula

Thanks Birgit!
At least now I have something to start with.
Oh and I meant April 2009, not this year!

I'm sure more questions will pop up along the way :-)


You're welcome
by: Birgit

Well, I'm glad it's 2009 :-).

Have you considered finding a tour operator who could take are of the drive? Someone who would put a customised tour together for you?

They do have the experience, the driver who knows the area, all the camping gear, they know what supplies to buy, food etc, all the million things you need to take care of... I doubt it would end up more expensive than getting all that stuff together yourself.

Since you are asking a year ahead it should be possible to organise something. Doesn't hurt to ask!

by: Anonymous

Hi I was wondering if you could help me with a australian report. You see I have to plan a trip to the outback. Where do I start?

Cairns to Darwin
by: Brett

My wife and I are planning a to hire a 4wd camper and travel from Cairns to Darwin in June 2011. we plan to take the Savanah Way with detours along the way. We figure 3 wks should be enough depending on how many stops of course.

Any info on where to go and stay and if 3 weeks is to long to short would be appreciated.

by: Dr. iur. Gustav Habel, Austria

This is my comment in German language, because it's quicker to write for me! Please send it to Mrs. Bradtke. Thank You!

Liebe Frau Bradtke!

Vorab zu meiner Person: ich bin knapp 69 Jahre alt und war vom 7. Mai bis 14. Juni 2010 nunmehr schon zum dritten Mal in Australien.

Diesmal war ich auf mehreren Pisten in WA im Outback, auf der Gibb River, bei den Bungle Bungles, weiters in NT und habe eine Vielzahl von Naturparks besucht. Eine wirklich gute Planungshilfe war dabei Ihre Broschuere "Kiberleys". Natuerlich habe ich auch andere Guides und meinen TomTom-Navigator verwendet, aber die besten Tipps habe ich bei Ihnen gefunden.

Ich werde Ihre Publikationen weiter empfehlen!

Leider ist Australien seit meinem letzten Besuch vor 6 Jahren exorbitant teurer geworden - die Lebenshaltungskosten sind jetzt fast doppelt so hoch wie in Mitteleuropa! Sie sollten vielleicht eine kleine Ergaenzung in diesem Sinne anbringen.

Nochmals: DANKE !

Mit den besten Empfehlungen

Dr. Gustav Habel
2751 Matzendorf, Austria - Europe

by: Birgit

Vielen Dank, Dr. Habel, für diese netten Worte und die Weiterempfehlung :-).

by: Brett

Travelling from cairns to darwin in late May 2011 along the Savanah way we think that 2 weeks would be enough time but would appreciate any feed back on time frames and stop overs.

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