Outback Safety: Teaching Kids Not to Get Lost

by Mandy Ferry
(Dingley Village, Victoria)

Obviously when you go camping your kids are not in their familiar surroundings and many will be curious and want to investigate.

So what important things can we teach our kids when camping to prevent them from getting lost?

1.Have a family discussion about the importance of not leaving the camp site unless with an adult.

2.Once you've set up your site have a look around with your kids and minimise their desire to check everything out themselves.

3.Discuss key landmarks so that they can easily locate where their tent is, where they can find you.

4.If you kids are old enough to go for a wander themselves, set a time frame so that you know when to expect them back and if or when you should perhaps get worried.

5.Teach them to never leave the campsite without taking a backpack, ensuring the backpack is full of survival equipment including water.

These tips can add value to your next outback camping holiday. Not only are they simple to apply, they will help to provide you with peace of mind.

Kind regards,
Mandy from Tips and Advice on Camping with Kids

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