Right time for fruit picking up north?

by Colin

Me and my girlfriend are living in Perth at the moment but were looking to head up north around the end of August to do some fruit picking but were not to sure if it is the correct time or not. Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks. Colin

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Plenty of fruit picking work...
by: Birgit

Hi Colin,

That question is addressed on the page about fruit picking.

There is a heading called, "Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia, What? Where? When?"

Just follow the link at the bottom to the harvest trail website to find out any details.

You can download the whole harvest guide there or you can do online searches:

On the harvest trail site, just go to "Towns and crops" in the left menu, then select WA or NT, and then August or August and September, whatever your plans are.

Click "Search" and it'll show you what's available up the coast and across the top (lots), where, and when.

Plenty of work :-)

Fruit farm?!
by: bella

Hi! My name is Isabella and I'm at the moment in Sydney and work.

Me and my friend are really interested in doing fruit picking in April and forward but we don't know who to contact!

Do you or anyone have something to recommend? Please contact us if thats the case!


Hope hearing from you!!

Best regards,
Isabella and Lina

by: Anonymous

Me and my friends are from Singapore. Any comments or advice where should we apply for this job? And when? We are looking for to your reply.

fruit picking april!
by: Lauren


My friend and I are really interested in fruit picking in April - we realise that Victoria fruit picking is nearly at an end and have no luck finding a position - or if there is one it is only for a couple of days.

Could anyone recommend where to look (e.g. websites) or who to contact regarding vacant positions? My e-mail is: lauren_stott@hotmail.com.



Best place to contact
by: J

The best place to contact for fruit picking job is to call the nation harvest. The number is 18000 62 332. They will tell you where to go and where the job is still available.

Fruit picking
by: tarry

Hye, I'm really interested in fruit picking. I have my own farm in India. I am hard worker. I do work from heart. If any one suite upper criteria then plz mail me.


Job seeking person
by: ujwal

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a hard worker and has taste in agricultural activities. Can I get a chance to work with you? If yes please let me know.


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