Sleeping on the road in Australia

A Hammock Tent

A Hammock Tent

My friend and I are planning to hitchhike around Australia in a couple of months. I was wondering if it would be worth it to bring a hammock tent, or will there be so many sparsely vegetated areas that it would be better to just have a regular tent?

Response to: Sleeping on the road in Australia

It depends :-).

"Around Australia" as in circle the continent once, or around as in, having a good look around? Where will you spend more time? East or west? North or south? Interior or coast?

Australia has any and all kinds of climates and vegetation, from thick jungle to forested mountains to treeless deserts. Without knowing more about what you want to do, I can't say if your hammock tent will be unsuitable on occasion or most of the time.

On the west coast north of Perth and across the interior I don't think a hammock will be of much use to you. Everywhere else it should be easier. I think I would still prefer a conventional tent.

Hammock tents are not common here at all, so there isn't much experience regarding how it would work out over an extended trip, covering the whole continent.

I think you may just have to try it out and report back :-).

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