Sunset and Sunrise Times around Uluru and Alice

by Kerry
(Weymouth, England)

Can you advise what the approx sunset and sunrise times are around Alice and Uluru in late October/early November? Planning the driving for our trip and want to avoid any night drives.

Website is great by the way, so much information, it's been really helpful.


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Sunrise/sunset at Uluru
by: Birgit

Hi Kerry,
Thanks for the kind words.
For October/November 2008 at Uluru you are looking at:

Sunrise: 6.05 am - 5.50 am (that's how much it gradually changes from about 20. October to 10. November.)

Sunset: 6.55 pm - 7.05 pm

Alice should be about the same, give or take a couple of minutes.

Since I assume that future readers will also want to know these times for 2009 and beyond, you can look them up here:

Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight Times

Just click one of the offered locations (it does not matter which).
Then scroll down to "Select the Required Event" and tick Sunrise/Sunset.
Under "Enter date" just enter a year (like 2008 or 2009) and then click "Compute".

Voila, sunrise and sunset times at Uluru for the whole year.

You can also compute times at any other location in Australia. Just start here:

Do not drive at night
by: Margaret List

Your decision not to drive at night is essential for you survival. Roads are good so people drive fast, but roads are unfenced and kangaroos and feral camels seem to enjoy the stored warmth of roads

Calculate sunrise & sunset
by: Anonymous

Alice Springs, sunset & sunrise information, the whole year

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