Surfing the Todd River at Alice Springs

by Robin
(Alice Springs)

Todd River Surfer, Alice Springs

Todd River Surfer, Alice Springs

I've lived in the Territory most of my life, so I get to look out my window and see the MacDonnell Ranges every day. After 50 years, I'm still awe struck when I see the beautiful colours, the usually blue sky etc.

But this is about our recent rain. The usually dry Todd River flowed this week after persistent rainfall and I managed to get a photo of a boy surfing.

I never dreamed I'd see someone surfing The Todd!

Robin Henry

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Yay, rain...
by: Birgit

Wow, thanks so much for sending that in Robin!!

No, it's not what you expect to see in the Todd, is it?

I love it when it rains and what it does to the country. Wish I could be down there now...

(It's also good to see someone who after all this time still appreciates the place where he lives. I know so many people who take it for granted...)

Copenhagen vs. Alice Springs
by: Rasmus

Hey Robin
I am writing an article (in Danish) about rain in The Danish Meteorological Societys journal "Vejret" (in english: The Weather). I am investigating rain in Copenhagen and in Alice Springs, and I would like to use your nice picture. I think nobody in Denmark knows about such condition in mid Australia, phantasic photo!

May I use it for free, and if yes, could you tell me the date of the flood?

Kind regards

Picture in better quality?
by: Anders Gammelgaard

Hello Robin

Phantastic photo!

I'm editor on the journal "Vejret" that Rasmus mentions.

We have decided to publish Rasmus' article and would really like to use this photo. But do you happen to have the photo in higher resolution? Print on paper is very revealing so it will probably look blurry if not reduced to very tiny size.

And as Rasmus writes: Do you know when the photo was taken? It would be nice to add this info to the caption of the picture.

In case you want to write us, just use Rasmus' email address. Rasmus and I are in contact.


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