The best months of my life! I want more Outback!

by Helene
(Perth (Netherlands originally))

I loved the Outback most of all the places I have seen. The red dust, the friendly people, the beautiful views (from the gorges to the endless views of nothing that meant so much to me), sleeping in swags, camping, hiking, getting dirty etc.

After half a year travelling through Australia and NZ, I started working in an Outback pub in Thangool, QLD and I really had the time of my life over there!

After that I went to Darwin and had to make a choice; do something or go back to Thangool as I missed it so much...! So I went to the Kimberley (Darwin to Broome tour) and that was the best adventure EVER!!

I lost contact with the rest of the world (no reception) and have never been any happier! It was GREAT, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE! Slept in swags, campfire meals, hiked most of the time (which was probably not the best thing to do on sneaker shoes, but I couldn't care less as I did have the time of my life), jumped in lakes, it was just great great great!!

Now I am back in Australia and want to see more Outback, just want to sit somewhere and enjoy the peaceful quiet looks in the distance that never ends... I want more Outback!

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