To climb or not to climb, what was the question?

by Christopher Burns

Tis funny how cultural significance changes over the years. The current guardians of Ayers Rock (Uluru) have brought forward opinions in the past 15 years about not climbing due to cultural significance and a purported fact that only male elders were permitted to climb the Rock.

If this is the case why were tribal elders quoted in many journals and papers 20 years ago and more as not caring whether or not the rock was climbed? There are several culturally significant areas around the Rock that have been off limits to white people, women and non local tribes people for generations and these have been clearly marked, documented, researched and closed off.

Why the change in attitude since the hand back in 1985?
Could this be a case of, "We have the stick" so show us the respect?
Climb away I say...........

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by: Amy

Hi, I'd love to know which journals and news papers had quoted Aboriginal people (can I assume these were traditional owners of Uluru?) saying that they don't care if the rock is climbed or not. Please let me know.

Read This - Amy
by: Anonymous

Read the following web page for some answers.

Or you could do your own research like I did.

Mountford's book, Ayers Rock (1977) also states that there was only one fully initiated male of the tribe left in the sixties. So there can be no more full initiated members.

They are an oral and secret tradition society. So who is passing on the traditions and secrets?

The whole Ayers Rock debate is based around the aborigines playing the games of politics and winning a minor point.

Climbing or not climbing, will not help them adapt to a modern world.

We all miss parts of the past, but live in a modern and changing world that we must all adapt to.

Just for the money
by: Bob

In years gone past there was no talk of money. When
they were given the rock back they signed a lease knowing that the rock would be open for climbing so they could get an annual fee. I know that if I had something apparently important to me that I would not give it back to the very person or government that took it away from me in the first place just for a few $$$

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