Too much political BS

by Mike
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

We first learned about the controversy during a long drive to Ayers Rock and we all decided not to climb it.

Upon arriving the guilt trip started when a park ranger reprimanded us because we were about to kick around a soccer ball in their "sacred" carpark.

Consequently we decided to stretch our legs by climbing the rock after all. I have to say it was a great experience, and you simply cannot appreciate the enormity of the rock until you've climbed it.

Thanks Mr self righteous park ranger for encouraging us to enjoy this experience.

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Too True
by: Anonymous

When I was there a park ranger yelled at a couple as they were standing on a bit of the rock near the base walking track and not part of the "official climb".

These two people were sensible people one being a nurse and the other a police man and kept their cool. I think the situation could have turned ugly if they had been argumentative.

The rangers I saw were not good ambassadors for their people.

The one that came to open the walk after it had been closed for the morning, slunk in and out very self consciously.

There is no one there to explain or promote their beliefs and only one guided tour per day. Not good PR.

by: Bother

So you "got back" at a surly park ranger by desecrating a sacred place? Good on you. What a hero.

Belong to who...!!!
by: Don

This whole country belongs ALL Australian people, not just a select few, who live a subsidized lifestyle.
My parents were born in Australia, so was I... how come I'm not subsidized???
Australian Citizen

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