Uluru - the real story

by John

What you say about the traditional owners forbidding the climb is interesting...

We did a private cultural base tour with a local member and she explained to us that they don't prohibit the climb but rather do not recommend it because they're worried for your safety. However, she said they don't object so long as you just bear in mind the dangers and be sensible. She also said the government are the ones who are promoting this message as something the local aboriginals have insisted on.

So... I heard that directly from the tour guide who is an indigenous local from the traditional owners tribe. I'd believe her over Australian government statements any day. Furthermore they said Uluru isn't their name for the rock. It's the name of the water hole on top. The real traditional name is Pulli (not sure how to spell it but that's how she said it).

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by: Greg

I heard the same story as John from Brisbane when i took the magnificent drive to The Red Centre 18 months ago.
My guide (and several others i met in my 3 days at Yulara) said the Aborigines don't care if we climb the rock as long as we are respectful of the sites of significance around the rock.
It wasn't that long ago the local kids would climb the rock every week to clean up rubbish left by climbers. Thankfully people are better behaved these days and I didn't witness any rubbish and certainly took my own with me.
From what I was told the major concern is if people die or injure themselves on the rock. In their culture they believe its bad Karma if someone dies on their land.
I think the climb should be made safer and better policed. I saw idiots trying to take young children up who were sh*tting themself half way up the chain and having to try and get them down making it unsafe for everyone on the chain at that time. While the climb itself isn't the hardest thing ever its still not for the faint hearted and requires a certain level of fitness.
For me it was a bucket list thing - Something I've wanted to do since a very small child and I'm so grateful i got he opportunity to do it as it was a fantastic experience.
I would love to take my own kids back one day to experience the magnificent country including the Olgas, Kings Canyon and all the other sites.
Sadly though i wouldn't bother if i couldn't climb the Rock and i feel many will be the same as me.

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