Uluru - Tourist trap or mystical place?

by Andrea
(Flashpacking around the world)

The articles in this guide really helped me create the right expectations for Uluru, and I believe doing so improved my overall experience. Thanks indeed.

romantic uluru sunset...

Looks nice and romantic but...

with lots of people!

...but loads of people behind those nice pics.

(The photos of the people at the sunset viewing area and the video were taken thinking of your site actually.)

See my blog post about my Uluru experience here.

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Great write up about Uluru and Alice Springs
by: Birgit

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for sharing that! Great photos and I like the video. Really captures the reality very well.

I enjoyed reading your blog posts, too, both the Uluru and the Alice Springs post. Enjoy the rest of your trip and may you find what you are looking for :).

by: Anonymous

Appreciate your candid comments about the 'crowds' at Ularu but to be honest with you, you haven't seen anything like a 'crowd' until you've tried visiting popular scenic spots in countries like China.

It can be like moshing at a concert and you're lucky to get a people free photo. Just when you thought the coast was clear, someone else walks into view..........

overcrowded tourist traps
by: globetrotter

What do you expect? Beautiful and spectacular places attract people for a reason! Add the accessibility of today┬┤s travelling.

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