Vegetarian on Cattle Stations

by Shari

I want to spend a year in Australia on different cattle stations. But I've got one problem. I'm a vegetarian. I'm willing to eat meat for one year, but I prefer vegetarian food. Have I got any chance as a vegetarian on a cattle station? I hope there are not so much mistakes in my question ;)

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Cattle stations and vegetarians
by: Birgit

Hi Shari,
Depends what you mean when you ask if you have a chance.
A chance to get a job? A chance not to starve? A chance to do the hard physical work required of you? A chance to endure the relentless taunting :-).

Generally, a cattle station is not the ideal place for a vegetarian, but Australia is a big country and there are many stations. You'd be surprised at the variety in management style. It's just a matter of finding the right one. (I bet there are stations where some of the people who live there and run it are vegetarian.)

I suspect it will be easier for you if you look for places that are reasonably close to civilisation so that they actually have the option to get in enough vegetables.

Contact places well ahead and let them know. See what they say... The fact that you don't totally refuse to eat meat is good. Approaching people like that will make them a lot more open to thinking about if and how they can feed you, then if you just demanded a purely vegetarian diet. At that many would likely just laugh.

So, it's a matter of finding the right places and approaching them in the right way.

vegetarian at large!
by: Joanna

Hello and welcome

If you are wanting work in Outback Australia there is only one place to go - Visitoz - they have employers all over the outback.

Obviously not all employers are willing to take vegetarians - some vegetarians are underweight and a bit weak, some are overweight and many (surprisingly) smoke - but if you are young, fit,tough in spirit and willing to give it a go there is no reason to hold you back.

Rib Roast or just Ribbed?
by: Jill

A suggestion for Shari: apply for a job as a gardener on a station! Years ago the kitchen garden was the pride and joy of most cattle and sheep stations, but maybe not any more. It depends what you are good at. Maybe think of being a cook? Certainly you need to have a good sense of humour and probably a willingness to be "one of the boys".

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