What a great Site!!

by Jacqui
(Far North Queensland)

I grew up in the Northern Territory and now live in Far North Queensland. I came across your site by chance and I must say what a great site this is. Your site should be a compulsary read for ALL tourists national or international thinking of coming to any areas in Northern Australia.

Crocodile attacks are becoming far too common. The threat of crocodile attacks is very real and it really does come down to lack of knowledge or not using commonsense. If people would listen to the locals and follow the signs that warn you of crocodiles they would be a whole lot better off.

There have been some cases where people have not listened or followed signs and have not encountered anything. They should count there lucky stars and buy a lotto ticket as they are EXTREMELY lucky.

Australia is a great and safe place to visit with a lot to see and do however, you really do need to bring your commonsense with you.

I wish you all great holidays
Don't forget your sunblock and commonsense

Regards Jacqui

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Thanks for the kudos
by: Birgit

Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback, Jacqui :-).

Do gooders doing more harm than good
by: Matt: From Mt. Isa

Hi Birgit
It sounds like you wrote this blog yourself to give you an ego trip.
Most of the info on your site can be found on the web, all you do is collate it.
So what experience do you have of the outback/ bush? Lets read you own outback story. Anyone can get info from the web,
It’s up to date info from personal experience that people really want..

Birgit, your site is tops.
by: Peter: from Yarra Junction Vic.

Ha Matt from the Isa you drongo,
any info is better than none.
Why don't you crawl back in your hole and get a life.

by: Birgit

Well, Matt from Mt. Isa, it's obvious you haven't bothered to read any of the site. With those remarks you just made an idiot of yourself.

(Thanks, Peter. Appreciate it.)

wow that's rude!
by: Sophia (from San Diego, CA)

Hi B,

I'm new to SBI and I LOVE your site. It is really an inspiration for me and I am amazed at how successful your site has become (income wise!). I don't know why there are people on here wasting their time putting you down but it's obvious this Matt person is just really jealous that he doesn't have his own high ranking site. What a LOSER! I think you did a great job on the site and can't wait to read more updates on its success! Have a great day!

by: Birgit

Thanks, Sophia :-). I guess now you confused hell out of most readers, since precious few of them would know about SBI...

Here is what Sophia is talking about, and here is the case study with the update she refers to.

This is an excellent site
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been to many of he places mentioned in this website, Great Job! Australia is an amazing country can't wait until the next Aussie Adventure! For some camping info visit http://www.familyfriendlyozcamping.com.au

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