What if my country is not listed under holiday work visa countries?

I'm from South Africa and interested in a cattle ranch experience in Australia. Which visa would then be applicable for me as SA is not listed under the "holiday work" visa countries?

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Not listed? Then you can't get a Working Holiday visa.
by: Birgit

If your country is not on the list of countries that have that exchange agreement with Australia then you can't get a WHV.

When I first came to Oz, Germany was not on the list either (it is now). So I never had a working visa (not until much late when I became employer sponsored). A working holiday isn't something that everyone can get or is entitled to. It's a two way thing that Australia has negotiated with some countries.

The answer to your question is exactly the same as it is for people over 30:

If you are not in that age bracket or not from one of the eligible countries, then you can't get this Australian working visa.

That does not mean you are entitled to some other work visa that has a different name but does exactly the same. It means you can't get a Working Holiday visa. End of story.

Everything I say on that page also applies to you. You can still get any other visa that you do fulfil the requirements for. A tourist visa or a sponsored work visa or a student visa or whatever. It depends on your circumstances and what you want to do. Apart form the tourist visa, which doesn't allow you to work, none of the visas are all that easy to get.

Someone wanting a cattle station experience isn't a reason that Australia has to give them a working or working holiday visa. I also can't just come into South Africa or any other country and work there just because I'd like to have that experience. Would be nice if I could because I love to travel and would love to work in other countries and on other continents. But that's just not how it works.

You could check out the immigration website and see if you can wiggle in under some other work visa, you can go to Australia as a tourist and just work and hope you don't get caught (you should be ok on cattle stations), or you can work for bed and board as a Wwoofer on a station that takes Wwoofers or under any other arrangement where you don't get paid.

Wwoofing was mentioned on the bottom of the cattle station page.

And that's all I can tell you!

From South Africa is not a problem!
by: Joanna Burnet

Hi from Australia!

We are Visitoz. Every year we invite more than 50 young South Africans to come here on Internship Visas.

This visa works like a Working Holiday one - what the other guy told you is 100% correct, but he did not know about the Visitoz 365 day programme - it is for one year and you get well paid work.

The Visitoz (www.visitoz.org) programme gives you a 9-day introductory package - you are met at Brisbane Airport, taken into the city for one night and then you go, with the rest of your group, to Rainbow Beach for three days - to chill out, rest, relax or just play - to get over jet lag.

During the five days on one of our training farms you will ride horses, ride agricultural motorbikes, work cattle on foot in the yards and muster them from the paddocks, you will drive and operate tractors and machinery, you will do fencing and chain saw tasks. We will make sure that you know some basic vehicle maintenance and farm and outback safety.

While with us you will choose a job and go to it. On an Internship Visa you may work for this one employer for the whole of your 12 months if you wish, or you can take 2 or 3 shorter jobs to get a wider experience.

Many of the young people coming from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe ask to stay on - and if this is possible the employer will sponsor you. One young Zimbabwean, an ex farm manager there, is now a permanent resident of Australia - several others from Argentina, South Africa and Uzbekistan are in the process of being sponsored.

If you like to go to our web site and then fill in the enquiry form - note on their somewhere please that you got this information - and we will send you the application forms you need. The visa application is a big one and you need to have a Letter of Invitation from us to apply - the visa can take up to 3 months to be granted, but we have known it take only 30 days.

We look forward to hearing from you.

This came to me as a Google Alert on cattle station work - so it is good to know that the system works, and has worked well for you. I don't know when you posted your enquiry, but it came to me to-day 26th July.

Best wishes
Joanna and Dan Burnet

Work in OZ
by: Delano

Hi Joanna,

I have just matriculated in SA and I am still looking for a job. Have a bit of experience with trucks, cattle, sheep and horses and would love to work on a cattle station. Do you know of a station that still requires farmhands and what all the procedures are that must be followed?

My e-mail is: dviking@mweb.co.za. I would appreciate any help to find work in OZ. 10-12-2012

Hi Jo
by: Denver

I am keen to know what requirements a person needs to be a part of those 50 that you take over each year?

If possible, could you respond to my email? Denver.berry83@yahoo.com

Kind Regards,
Denver Berry

Of course you can
by: Joanna

There are working holiday visas for 19 countries and a further 18 already included or will be soon.

However, all is not lost, young people under 30 wishing to work in outback or rural Australia (not the cities) from almost ANY country can apply to Visitoz which is a Sponsor of the Department of Immigration's Special Programme - the 416 visa.

There is also the 402 visa which opens the doors also to those over 30 but you have to at least have a degree or serious qualification plus several years of experience in the trade you wish to follow. All the jobs are in rural areas. This is called a Traineeship Visa and is due to start up again shortly. Apply to Visitoz.

Is Ghana among the countries ?
by: Sampa

Am from Ghana and I'm interest to be there.

Yes, you can get a Special Programme Visa
by: Joanna

This works in a very similar way to the Working Holiday Visa, and you have to get a visa before coming or looking for a job. Visitoz can provide the visa and the job as long as you qualify for the programme.
Please reply and send a CV to joanna@visitoz.org and we will help you right away.
We have permission for 200 of these visas each year.

don't scare all prospective visitors off!
by: Anonymous

Gee, you are very informative for a Non australian!

a response
by: Joanna

Hi Annonymous

I am an Australian citizen and have been running a backpacker work organisation for the last 25 years - so we know the rules.
We also are members of AQ, QTIC and BYTAP so are updated with any changes.
Birgit is very clear that other countries cannot take part - but that is wrong - there are visas available but to get them they need to work through organisations like Visitoz or migration agents.

Jobs for Qualified South Africans!
by: ZAN

Hello future employers!

I'm a South African with a Post Graduate Degree and 4 years experience living and traveling abroad! I'm very interested in moving to Australia at the end of 2016! My interests are Hospitality, Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Horse Riding, etc.

If you're interested in making contact with me, please e-mail me at zanserf@gmail.com

Thank you in advance!

Special Programme Visa countries with Visitoz
by: Joanna

Countries that can get the Special Programme Visa through Visitoz, if they qualify with the necessary skills and education are:
Austria, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Jamaica, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Swaziland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Zambia and Zimbabwe -
so, I am sorry, not Ghana.

All the jobs are in outback and rural areas - nothing in the cities.

For any questions about this please contact joanna@visitoz.org

is Macedonia among the Countries?
by: Anonymous

Please, if someone knows... I would like to experience a working holiday in AUS. Thank in advance for the info

Yes you can get work in Australia
by: Joanna

There is a Special Programme which is sponsored by Visitoz and it allows you to work for up to 12 months in rural Australia.

Go to australianworkingadventures.com
or email

for all the details.
At present we have 50+ young people from South Africa each year.

Useful info Joanna
by: Lilian

Thank you Joanna. This is the most useful info I found on the internet all month long.

Australian Working Adventures
by: Anonymous

Though the Special Programme Visa which was suitable for young Southern Africans no longer exists there are visas for those who are well qualified with degrees in Agriculture.
Australian Working Adventures are also hoping to get the Training Visa later in 2019.

by: Lynette

Hi Jo
My sisters 2 sons want to come to Australia to work, can you please send me your details to forward to them for the visa applications. lynette.vanzyl@olamnet.com

working holidays visa NEW
by: Emani

hi, I can not find nigeria on the list of countries that are eligible for working holidays visa. and i wish to visit australia and work in the work holidays programs.

Can Nigerian apply for working holidays program through visitor?
by: Emmanuel

Hi, I'm trying to apply for working holidays visa and Nigeria is not listed among eligible countries. Please have I experience in farming work and also I'm a painter. I wish to visit Australia and work.

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