Working Visas - can you go and come back?

by Dan

If I applied for and got a working visa for Australia - did 3 months fruit picking, and then after 6 months decided I wanted to go to NZ, or Europe or wherever...then came back to Australia after maybe another few months or even a year, would I still be able to apply for another visa having only "used" 6 months of the first one?

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Second Australian working visa
by: Birgit

From the Australian working visa page:

"If you can prove that you did seasonal work in regional Australia (e.g. fruit picking) for at least three months during your first visit, then you can get a second 12 months Australia Working Holiday Visa."

If you did three month you can get another visa. There is no requirement to spend the full 12 month in Australia. That is just the maximum that the first visa is valid for.

About second year visa
by: Anonymous

I am coming to the end of my first year in March and will be going home, but I want to come back in 3-4 years time, if I applied for my second year visa when I got back to england could I come back in 3-4 years time on my second year visa?

Second Working Holiday Visa
by: Birgit

No, you couldn't. You must travel within 12 months of a working holiday visa being granted, not three to four years after.
There is no difference between the first and second visa in that respect, or with regard to age or anything else. The only difference is that you only get the second working holiday visa if you have completed the three months specified work during your first year.

Returning to Australia
by: Anonymous

I'm on my first year visa and I am doing my fruit-picking so I'm going to apply for my second year and I will travel for in total 24 months. After the 2 years in Australia I am going to New Zealand for two years, my question is can I come back on a brand new first year working visa after two years in New Zealand?

One, two, three...
by: Birgit

If you had a first and a second visa granted then you would be applying for the third. No such thing as a third working holiday visa

by: Anonymous

Hi, I was currently living in oz for the past two years. I'm home since June I was only a working holiday visa as I did the seasonal work. Is there any way I could go back? Are you entitled to reapply for another working holiday visa?

Second Year visa confusion
by: Anonymous

I'm still confused about the second year visa. I arrived in Australia in October (2010) on my first year visa. I am going to QLD next month to do my three months fruit picking. However, I then hoped to go home after that and come back to use my second year visa in maybe 6 months. Can I do that?

I read somewhere that if you apply for your second year visa while still in Australia, you have to use it straight away? Does that mean if I go home before my first visa is up and apply then for my second from Ireland that I can use it some other time?

How to get proof of my fruit picking 5 years later?

Hi, I am just writing this to see if anybody knows how to go about getting my proof that I completed fruit picking in 2006. Looking to get a 2nd visa so I can start working asap.


Hey Berry
by: Anonymous

Hey Berry,

You don't need a proof. Just fill out all the details on the e-visa page and they will find out themselves with your employers ABN. If they really need a written proof, they will tell you. However, none of my friends or I ever needed it.

Holiday Visa
by: Anonymous

I have got my 12 month working holiday visa but I only intend to stay and work in Australia for 6 months. Can I get banned for not completing the full year visa?

2 Years Australian Visa
by: Anonymous

I have been in Australia for about two years now. My second year visa is up in two weeks but I don't want to leave. I know I will have to go. But if I was to go home, would I be able to come back?

My sponser has let me down. I have had my medical and everything sent off that I needed to, but now they are saying they are not going to sponser me after saying they will.

I am still in Australia at the moment but I just don't no what to go! Please could someone give me some advice. Thanks

What other Visa can I get?
by: UKtraveller

Hey, okay so I was on a Working Holiday visa Oct 2010-Oct 2011. Although I had to return home early due to personal circumstances, I did no farm work.

I want to come back to Australia at the end of 2013. My 2nd cousin has residency. What other visa can I apply for as I'm looking to completely move my life over and become a makeup artist in Oz?

3 Months
by: Anonymous

Hi I was just wondering if for the second you have to do 3 months in one go or if you can split it up as long as it adds up to three months total.

3 Months
by: Anonymous

It's got to add up to three months.

Second Year Visa
by: Anonymous

Hello, can I apply for my second year visa when I am doing regional work in oz cause I’m going to be 31 soon. Any idea anyone? Thanks

by: Anonymous

Can I leave for two weeks on my first year visa and return on that same visa, or when I leave the country is my visa cancelled?

by: simon

If I’m sponsored by the company I work for, for 4 years is it possible for me to put this on pause for 12 months or maybe leave it running and come back after 12 months with 3 years still left? Is this possible?

6 Month Tourist Visa?
by: Anonymous

I have used my holiday working visa back in 2007. I would now like to visit Australia again but think I can only get a 3 month visa. Is it possible to get a 6 month visa?

by: Anonymous

Hey guys,

I left oz after 9 1/2 months due to some private circumstances. I had to go!! Without doing my whole 3 months farm work for the 2nd year visa. Anyways I did 2 weeks and wanted to go back to my wooing place I did the two weeks. It was all planed and fixed but then I suddenly had to go :(((
Does anybody know or have heard that you might get the opportunity to go back on a 3 months tourist visa to do the farm work??? My woofing host already said i can come back at anytime and finish my work there!!!

by: Anonymous

Hi guys
Me and my boyfriend are planning on coming to australia on a 12month working visa in September! Originally wanted to come for only 6 months as it would be easier for us to come back to our jobs back in the uk, however we cant do a 6month working visa and dont have enough money to come on a 6month tourist visa and not work. What we wanted to know was if we come on a 12month working visa and leave after 6 months can we then apply for another working visa in the future? (As in maybe 2 years time)

What happens at the end of the 2nd working holiday visa
by: Emma

If I am coming to the end of the 2nd working holiday visa limit, can I apply for another type of visa?

Can I freeze my Visa
by: Kyle

I am Currently on a 12 month working holiday visa, I have some family issues back in the uk and must return to support and help out back home, and have no idea how long this will be for?
can I freeze my visa and then return in say several months and still have the same time (9 months) remaining on my visa?


Regional work proof
by: Matt

If I'm applying for my second year outside of australia how do I show proof that I have done my regional work on the application?

about the second visa
by: Anonymous

I got my second visa now, I worked for three months in the farm, and I have the papers to fill out the application of my second visa. At the moment I'm 21 and I'm going to go back to Australia in 5 or 6 years, I can compile the application of the second saw between 5 or 6 years and I have a certain period of time?

by: Anonymous

If I have just finished my second year working visa how long so you can get another visa or cold you come back under sponsorship?

student visa
by: stephen

Am a student at one of the international colleges but will be in holiday soon and I want to go back to my home country for a holiday. Can I be able to return on my same Visa to continue with my education in February next year ?

by: Anonymous

my working holiday visa is going to finish and I am going gome, I didn't work for all year for some reasons but I would like to come back for one more year, I can not apply another working holidau because I didn't work, right? So can you help me to know which other visa I can apply please? It would be really appreciated, thank you

Didn't use work visa, can I get another?
by: Nen

I travelled to Australia on a work visa but unfortunately due to personal family emergency I had to return to the UK. Can I somehow get another visa as I did not get the chance to use my first one?

2 year visa
by: Anonymous

Hello people I have a question:

1. If I apply for a 2 year visa overceas, do I have to do it within a year after my first visa expired?

Full immigration.
by: Anonymous

Hi, a few years ago I applied and passed for full immigration to Australia. I moved and worked there but decided to come home. Do I have to re apply if I want to go back?

2nd year visa. Not ready for a consecutive year
by: Sam

I've got 2 months and a half before I go home. I would like to continue my journey here some other time.

I don't think I have enough time to do farm work. Can I come back, do the farm work and then get the second year visa?

need help
by: Tasha

Hi everyone, I have currently been in Australia, my first year doesn't end until November but I have had to return to UK. I have my second year from doing farm work and wanting to return to Australia April next year. Does the second year have to come straight after first or is it possible to have a break in between?

returning home with in the year
by: Catherine

Hey there.
I want to get a 1 year working visa from JULY 2016 to JUNE 2017. I have to go back to the UK in November for 2 weeks for my graduation. Can you do this and just return back to work in OZ after the 2 week holiday back home?

Visa question
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm applying for my first working visa to enter Australia. I was just wondering if anyone knows if I can leave Australia to travel to, say, Bali for a couple of weeks and then return to Australia on the same visa within my year of being in Australia?
Hope this makes sense would be grateful for any advice.

Can I go back into Australia on a tourist visa while my 2nd WHM is being processed?
by: Anonymous

Hi I was in Australia last year on my first working holiday visa and did the 3 months regional work. I applied for my second working holiday visa about a month ago and last week they asked me to send evidence, which I did. Does anyone know how long processing this will take? The email said they are still working on applications from December!! I am in Thailand and really want to go to Australia asap... Can I go in on a tourist visa and wait in Australia or will this cancel my application for the working holiday?

Working visa
by: Sam

I returned home to the UK within the first 10 weeks of my working holiday visa because of family issue that wasn't my fault. Am I allowed another visa that allows me to work in Australia?

by: Anonymous

Hi, it's been around 4 years since I worked in Australia. I'd done my 3 months regional but needed to go home after my first year and I'm thinking about going back over soon. Could I still use my 2nd year visa or does it expire?

Regional Work ?
by: BOB

Can I apply to do my 3 months regional work on my first Working Holiday Visa and then once that Visa is up apply for my second year Working Holiday Visa without having to do regional work again ?

Cancel Visa
by: L

Hello, I'm already back in my home country and want to get my superannuation back. When I started filling out my details I have been told that I can only get my superannuation back, when my visa has been expired or cancelled - even if I'm already back in my home country. So I wanted to know, how can I cancel my Working Holiday Visa?

Please help
by: Lee

Hi, I was in Oz for two years but have been back home now over a year. I'm 22 now and I want to go back, is there any way I can?

Second year visa 462
by: Anonymous

If I have done my 88 days working in farming and finished my first year visa (so I complete the requirements to apply my second year visa), I would like to apply my second year visa outside Australia, then can I be outside Australia for a year? After a year I will apply for my second year from my origin country. Is that possible? Thanks.

by: Scotty joe

Hi, I'm coming to the end of my 462 visa after spending my year in Oz. I was wondering if I can fly to Bali for a month, then return on a normal holiday visa? Legally, of course.
Any help would be great.

Starting 2nd yr visa before 1st ends
by: Anonymous

I'm 30 in Australia on a working holiday visa. I got my first visa when I was 29 amd entered Australia just aftet turning 30. I still have 11 months left on my first visa. But I was wondering if I could use my 2nd year visa before the first one ends. If I wait til the first one ends, I will be 31 so it would not be possible to extend. Not planning on staying the whole 2 years anyways so ending the first one early is not a problem for me.

Time limit to apply for second year visa?
by: Anonymous

I spent a year in Oz and completed my 3 months regional work. I got back in April 2016 and I wish to return for my second year visa in the new year (2018).
I am concerned as I am unsure if there is a time limit in which to apply for my second year visa. I am 26 so the age limit won't be a factor but have I left too much time in between to apply for it or can I apply for it anytime before I'm 30?

Second Year
by: Anonymous

My visa runs out on Xmas day as I arrived on Xmas day 2016.

I want to do my regional, stay in Sydney for Xmas day and then I want to do a year in NZ before coming back to Aus for the second year.

Do I need to leave on actual Xmas day or is there any leeway?

Leaving and coming back on holiday visa
by: Anonymous

I have a holiday work visa and have to leave for a wedding in the states in two months. Will my visa still be valid when I get back after the wedding?

Can I wait to apply for my second year
by: Sway

If I complete my first year and 3 months of work, can I wait a few months or a year to apply for the second year? That way I can be home for a year or two before I go back. I know you have 12 months to travel after the visa is granted

delayed second year
by: Anonymous

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows if I am able to do my 3 months farm work in my first year (which I'm currently on), am I then able to return for my second year later?
For example, if I leave in February 2018, could I come back for my second year in 2020 for example? Is it as easy as just doing and logging my farm work, and then just keeping it safe until I want to apply for the second year?

Many thanks :)

Come and go
by: Anonymous

My son is 5 months into his working visa in Oz. He has done his farm work. He needs to come back to UK for 4 weeks as his grandad is ill. Can he go back to Oz on the same visa?

Crossing first visa with second?
by: Ryan

Hi, I've completed my farm work on my first visa, I then left the country and applied for my second year. I have now re-entered Australia but there's one month left on my first visa ? Did my new visa start or not ? I'm unsure how it works and nothing was said at airport. Thanks.

returning for another year
by: Anonymous

My son is currently finishing up his second year and is desperate to return. Is it possible to get another visa?

2nd year expiry date
by: Joao

Hello, I get my 2nd year granted onshore but went outside before my first year finish. The second starts straight away or I have one year to go back? I am confused about this and in the visa grant notice is not clear.

Thank you.

by: Anonymous

My girlfriend has been in Australia twice in the last five years and used her first and second holiday working visa.
I've been offered a permanent job out there as tunneling engineer.
Will she be able to come with me on a partner/spouse visa still?

Returning to Oz after end of 2nd year holiday visa
by: Jocelyn

After being in Australia for a total of 2 years on a Working Holiday Visa, I will be heading back to my home country of Canada. I am 24 yrs old and was wondering how soon I can return to Australia?

by: Anonymous

Hey currently living in Australia but returning home in a few days due to mental health problems so I can go home and recover, my insurance are paying for my flights. Would I still be able to return on the same working holiday visa once I'm better? If so, would I need a letter from my doctor declaring I'm okay to return? My visa doesn't expire till June next year.

Second year enquiry
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,

I applied for my second year outside of Australia and online it says you must stay outside of Australia until it's accepted. However, it hasn't been accepted yet and I have to go back on the 12th of February 2019.

Does anyone know what will happen to my second year application if I go back on a tourist visa on the 12th? Will it just stop being processed? And I loose my $450...?

I can't afford to pay for another flight back to Australia if I miss my original on the 12th plus living in Asia whilst they take their time with my application!

Any help will be much appreciated.

WHV 1st and 2nd year time frame NEW
by: Anonymous


I coulnd´t figure out so maybe one of you guys know. If I do my first WHV and do 88 days of farm work in order to get my 2nd WHV, do I have to do the 2nd year continuously after my first or can I do something else and then apply for the second one 1-2 years after I completed my first?

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