2WD vehicle in Outback

by Steve Boyd
(Fort Walton Beach, Florida)

We are moving to the outback (ASP) this May for 2 years and would love to get out and see most of the places on your site. We are bringing over our 2004 Dodge Durango. It's only a 2WD vehicle, but it does have large tread All Terrain tires. Do you think that we would be able to see most of the places on your site (Jim Jim Falls/Twin falls)with our vehicle or should we look into renting a 4WD when we head out there?

Thanks for website. We love reading it and getting a feel for where we are headed this May.

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2WD is ok for some outback tracks and not for others
by: Birgit

Hi Steve,
2WD will be ok for some outback tracks and not for others. Jim Jim and Twin Falls you won't be able to get to. That track has some pretty deep, sandy patches, and even some of the lower toy 4WDs get stuck there and need a two to get across.

(I think that is explained in detail on the page about Jim Jim Falls or Twin Falls. The page "2WD or 4WD for Kakadu?" also has relevant info.)

Deep water will also be an issue. During and after the wet season you may have to cross creeks. Not a problem for 4WD, especially if fitted with a snorkel, but you can't fit a snorkel on a 2WD.

I don't know where you will be living and the outback is a big place, a whole continent. The time of the year also makes a big difference.

There is a lot you will be able to see in your Dodge. And there are some places and some times where you definitely need a 4WD to see something.

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