Adelaide to Darwin in March

by Jorn

We (4 Belgian people) want to travel from Adelaide to Darwin and from Darwin to Cairns.
We have a Ford Falcon from 94. A lot of people who we already met in Australia says we better could use a 4 WD.

Is it possible to travel through the outback and the region of Darwin with a Ford Falcon in the period of March?

We probably gonna stay on the main roads. But are there any other roads we could take in that time of the year? And are there a lot of roads we can't take, because March is still the rain season in Darwin?

Thanks in advance.

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Alice Springs and Darwin in March
by: Birgit

Hi Jorn,

Sure, a 4WD is always nice for that extra bit of freedom. But I feel your Ford Falcon is fine for up here for that time of the year. Especially if the extra expense for a 4WD is not really an option for you.

In March all the unsealed roads up north that I would usually recommend are closed anyway. You can't drive on wet roads or you ruin them. So it doesn't matter if you have a 2WD or a 4WD, you still can't go.

During the dry season it would be a much bigger issue and I definitely recommend a 4WD then. And if it's just to get away from the masses.

But in March you'll have most places to yourself and even along the main roads you can have real adventures.

The centre around Alice Springs could be a different story. If it doesn't rain too much there, a 4WD could give you a chance to see the Mereenie Loop Road and some other places. (But they could also be closed. Impossible to predict.)

Many (dry) unsealed roads are so good, you can drive them in a 2WD. People in hire cars are not allowed to. But if it's your own 2WD, you can.

(However, I think for the Mereenie Loop the regulations require you have a 4WD.)

If I was you, I'd still take the Falcon. There may be some things you miss out on, but I don't feel the huge extra expense would be worth it and even in the Falcon you will be able to see a lot.

If you do have the option to take a 4WD instead, and can afford the extra expense, well, as I said in the beginning, a 4WD is a nice thing to have...

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