Alice Springs/Uluru with small children in January

by Ginny
(Manchester, UK)

Cloudy Uluru Sunset

Cloudy Uluru Sunset

We (2 adults, 2 children - 5 & 8) would like to do a trip into Alice Springs/Uluru at the beginning of January, for about a week, after spending Chrsitmas in Melbourne.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going at this time of year? Do you you have any tips?

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Re: Alice Springs/Uluru with small children in January

Hi Ginny,
The biggest disadvantage is that January is simply the hottest month of the year in Alice Springs and at Uluru. You are looking at an average daily maximum of around 37°C. (Average means it can very well soar above 40°C.)

Another disadvantage is the possibility of rain and cloudy skies. To me that is a big bonus, everybody who lives in the outback loves rain. The place turns green and comes to life and it cools things down.

But to tourists it's normally a disadvantage as it ruins their Uluru sunrise and sunset photos.

Another problem at that time of the year are the flies. You can't go anywhere without a fly net around your head.

Tips? Avoid New Year. It's peak travel time for Uluru and the airfares and other rates will be outrageous. The longer you leave it after New Year the quieter things will be.

The advantages then are the usual advantages you have anywhere in the off season:

It's quiet and peaceful, it's easy to get a room and a hire car and a seat in a restaurant and you will likely get much better rates than you would during the main season (June to August).

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When can you climb Uluru?
by: Lisa

A question i thought someone maybe able to help me with is: Is Uluru accessible to climb all year round? I'm going in February, and am hoping to climb..

Thanking you in advance,


Uluru climb in February.
by: Birgit

Whether the climb is open or not depends on the weather. It gets closed when the wind is too high or the temperatures. (Obviously February is not exactly a cool month.)
At no time of the year is there a guarantee that the climb will be open.

Climbing can be scary for children!
by: Jackie

Hi everyone

I have been to Uluru twice, once when I was 10 years old, and again when I was 20.

Both times I climbed (back then everyone did...). I can clearly remember as a 10 year old freezing about half way up the chain. The drop offs are quite steep and the main pathway quite narrow at times. Although there's a few metres before the drop, it is still quite scary if you are afraid of heights. It's not like the Grand Canyon with sharp drop offs. More like a big wide slippery dip if you know what I mean, but nevertheless, nothing to grab onto if you did happen to stray that way. Even as a 20 year old there were times I was still afraid!

We are taking our children next year, they are 6,8 and 9. We will not climb for cultural reasons, but I doubt I would take them up anyway. I think they'd freeze half way up like I did! Obviously depends on your kids and their ability/fears.

If your kids like climbing, I would recommend Kata Tjuta - that's fun for kids. Even Kings Canyon, where you can easily stay back from the cliffs.

Hope this helps, enjoy your trip!

PS - Don't climb in Summer!
by: Jackie

PS - both times I have been in June. I would not recommend climbing it at all (adults or children) in January. It's hot enough climbing in June and you need to take a lot of water with you...

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