Bus from Ayers Rock campground

by Shane Harmer

I am staying in a village tent on the Ayers Rock camp site and was just wondering if you can get a bus to Ayers Rock to see the sunset without having to do a tour, or would I have to hire a car? Thanks Shane

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Only resort shuttle bus
by: Birgit

Hi Shane,

Edit: Yes, you can. See the comment below. Thanks, Anonymous!

I think you'll have to book a tour or hire a car.
The only bus at Yulara that I know of is the free resort shuttle bus that runs around the resort and connects all the hotels and the shopping and visitor centre there.

The tours are all from $100 upwards, the only more affordable one is the AAT Kings base and sunset tour. (No, you don't walk the base, you are carted around the base of the rock in a big air conditioned coach before watching the sunset.)

Shuttle to the rock
by: Anonymous

There is a shuttle bus you can book to go out to the rock and the olgas. It is much cheaper than doing a booked tour as it just drives you out and drops you off (you book onto one of the return trips before they drop you off). It is called the Uluru Express and is around AU$40 return to uluru if I remember correctly. You can book on their website www.uluruexpress.com.au or through any of the hotels/campground when you get there.

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