Celebrating my 40th year special

by OutbackAdventurer

The View from Ayers Rock

The View from Ayers Rock

I loved Ayers Rock (Uluru). Not only did I choose to climb but I also did the extended helicopter flight over it.

Why climb? Uluru has always been Ayers Rock to me. I am a born and bred Australian and this rock is as much a part of me, as it is to any modern born Aboriginal.

You are asked to pay to enter the park, which the proceeds are shared by the Reserve and the "traditional owners". The more sacred areas of spiritual importance are "OFF LIMITS" to visitors. I decided that yes, I would climb.

Being a size 18, the steep initial climb was a challenge. But, once on top, the rest of the walk and the decent was easy and not difficult at all.

I loved sharing the experience with my 14 year old son and would do it again.

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I Love this Place
by: hotnurse29

Wow! I love the Rock Ayers. I love to climb them too. When I have a chance to go there in Australia I will surely visit that place.

Uluru - the best place
by: Paul Bikehike

Really, it's great to hike. I do love this, but not so fortunate to visit this yet, but soon.

Good For You
by: Peter

It is great to see people wanting to climb and share it with their children.

Many people I spoke to last year were taking their children as they knew that the climb will soon be permanently closed and their children will not get to see the magnificence of the rock in full.

We spent 5 hours on the rock. I walked from end to end and side to side well past the cairn.


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