Climbed Uluru and LOVED it!!

by J Lalime
(Qld, Australia)

Let's see, I am an Environmentalist, therefore to me the most precious thing about going anywhere is the impact on the environment.

I HAVE been to many other countries travelling and yes, I have been to the Vatican in Rome and Indian lands in the USA etc. etc. and have taken photos - without flash as I understand the impact this can have on such things or with flash when it is ok to do so and needed.

Without the chains on the rock the climb would have been near impossible, although it was obviously done. As for the number of deaths due to heart attacks - well YES it is strenuous but we (my 8 year old daughter and I took our time - a lot of time). We went a few chain lengths at a time and rested (i.e. sat down and drank water) and then continued a few more chain links and did the same ... there was no race.

The VIEW was fantastic and only got better as one got higher. Featureless - rubbish! The landscape has many other monoliths including The Olgas around it and it was amazing to see. (for some reason I had thought a lot of NT was flat - it's far from it). And as for environmental impact - minimal compared to the wear and tear of nature.

The climb is well worth it - take it easy, take it at YOUR pace, people can pass you if they want (and they do).

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Well done
by: Peter

Another sensible response to climbing the Rock.

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