Cycle across Oz from Perth to Sydney.

by Marc

I am from the UK. Myself and a friend are planning a cycle trip from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide. I was wondering how safe it is. We are looking to camp mostly. Not being from Australia, we were just wondering whether locals knew of any dangers. What is the risk of snakes/ spiders? Is it safe to camp in the wild?

I would appreciate any guidance.

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Cycling Perth to Sydney
by: Birgit

Hi Marc,

It seems this is not so much about specific advice for cycling from Perth to Sydney, but more about the general fear of the outback. That fear is based on hype (which is usually all you get to hear outside Australia) and not on facts.

If you read my pages about snakes and spiders then you already know what I think about those (common) fears.

If you didn't, then read them. Hopefully they'll put things into perspective for you.

I would worry about the actual cycling and about the route from Perth to Sydney. Worry about how you're gonna carry all the water you will need (and also food and gear), find out on which route you are least likely to get run over. If you want to camp in the wild, find out where there is some wild left and forget the snakes and spiders.

Maybe you've sorted all that already. Then all you have to do is forget the snakes and spiders :-).

Provided you have enough water with you when going across the Nullarbor, the only dangers are traffic and dishonest people. Just like everywhere else in the world.

I wish you a great trip!

Go for it
by: Andy


the journey is achievable. I conducted the ride in 2001 and had a memorable experience.

Let me know if you require more info.


Good luck
by: Anonymous

Hi am leaving perth on 29th September for Sydney. Just do it.

Best of luck Dave

by: jeff

I am also planning a trip to Sydney around Oct 1 and expecting it will take about 4 weeks.

The outback is safer than the cities
by: Margie

I cycled solo and unsupported around the whole of Australia in 2007, from Perth to Adelaide in 2008, from Adelaide to Darwin in 2009, and will be riding from Adelaide to Sydney via Canberra in September to October 2010. As long as you stand out with bright clothing and bright, blinking lights, you will be safe while riding. Camping out is easier if you get right back off the roads.
Check out my Renal Ride Australia websites for more info or send me an email at
Happy cycling from Margie.

Long distance rider
by: wayne

I completed 1200 km Parkes to Caloundra last August solo, unsopported, no trouble. Riding Parkes, NSW, to Darwin, NT, in July 2010.

Nearly cycled around Australia, 2000 km to go
by: Rob O

The Nullabour has the best verges outside of the vehicle lane of the highways around Australia. There are road houses and water tanks in between for water and camping. The road train drivers are more courteous than some caravan drivers. Make sure you wear a red top (or orange safety vest) during the day and yellow with reflective tape when dark and twilight to ensure you can be seen (blue and black are the worst colours).

I have yet to see a snake or spider on my trips, but lots of blue tongue lizards are squashed by vehicles on the Nullabour.

Any groups going?
by: Christina

Hi there,

My Dad really wants to do this ride, Sydney-Perth, in 2011 or 1012, but I'm concerned he doesn't do it by himself.

Do you know of any groups who do the ride? My Dad is 60, but pretty fit and would probably like to go 100+ km/day. He hasn't done it before and I'd love someone experienced to go with him/lead a group with him.

Any volunteers or suggestions?


Sydney to Darwin
by: Ross

I am ready to cycle to Darwin from Sydney, anyone interested? I'm 52, male, just looking for a cycling companion.

by: Jeff

Hi all, I am riding from Perth to Melbourne in October 2011. If anybody else has a similar plan drop me a line.

Jeff 0413 268 991

Cycling Perth to Sydney
by: Claire

I'm looking for a cycle buddy or buddies to ride with me from Perth to Sydney; even someone who could just drive a support vehicle behind me along the way. I'm an Australian and trying to raise money for charity. I'm looking to do this starting in April 2012.

Heroes for Hearts
by: Anonymous

I am cycling from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide and Northern NSW in support of HeartKids.
All details are available on my website:

Perth to Sydney
by: Gavin

Claire, I'm looking at doing Perth to Sydney around April / May next year as well. Also interested in raising money for charity. Contact me on 0406685330 if you want a buddy or to start forming a group to go across.

Any groups going from Christina?
by: Anonymous

I am planning the same trip this year or next to Perth. If your dad is interested he can contact me.

Sydney to Adelaide
by: Arthur


I am going to Melbourne, then to Tasmania and then I will finish at Adelaide. I will do that with a push bike and trailer 2 wheels. It's a surf trip by push bike. If someone is interested we can ride together!


by: Craig


I would like to cycle from Perth to Sydney to raise money for charity in 2012-13 and am looking for people to join me.

Can you please contact me if you are interested by email at


Perth to Sydney April/May 2012
by: Lara

Hi Claire and Gavin,

I am also planning to cycle from Perth to Sydney in April/May 2012. I am looking for companions so if either of you are interested please email me at

Cycling touring company
by: Cycle across oz

Hi all,

Cycle Across Oz is a very small cycle support company who run long distance rides every couple of years. Our next ride has been split into 5 stages & we will be riding 14,000+ kms around Australia over a 6 month period.

We are the cheapest company around as we are a no fuss business providing camping alternative only. Our ride starts in March 2012 & finishes in September 2012.

Spots are filling fast already, so if you are interested you will need to put in an expression of interest soon.

We take a maximum of 20 riders each stage & Darwin to Broome has 17 expressions of interest already & 14 months to go.

Check out our website at (some information is still being updated).

Cycling Company
by: cycle across oz

Hi, we are a very small company that has been running long distance cycling tours around Australia since 2002.

In 2013 will are planning a tour cycling right around Australia. It will be in 5 stages & over 6 months so riders can do one or all 5 of the stages. All stages are filling very fast because we are the cheapest company around. We are a no fuss company who will basically supply support to the riders & camping accommodation.

Our groups are small and we try to keep the numbers to no more than 20 riders each stage.

We take all ages over 18 & in past rides our average age has been between 40 & 60 years. Last ride we had an even number of both sexes & our oldest rider had turned 70 years. We average distances of 100 kms/day with our shortest distance of 35 kms in one day & longest day of 180 kilometre.

Check out our website at
We are accepting expressions of interest for next year now but no confirmations until July 2012.

Cycling Company
by: cycle across oz

Sorry, made a mistake with the year for the ride Cycle Around Australia. The ride will be starting in March 2013 & finishing in September 2013.

Perth to Sydney, Cycle ride.
by: JamesFG

This is a truly great route for a bike ride, especially doing it alone and unsupported. With careful planning it is quite possible. Sept to Nov is probably the best times. Just after my 60th Birthday (2008) I set out from Perth on an average but new bicycle with plenty of storage bags.

I'd been training quite hard (in Japan) through their squelching summer so was well-prepared for heat and muscle ache. I minimized camping (6 times) but the camp on the Nullarbor Plain was unforgettable.

It's really not difficult to carry enough gear, and to keep up a daily average of 100km, with a rest day every 10 days. The hills of NSW can be tough, especially in strong headwinds, but the views are wonderful. The roads were 99% good, and traffic likewise. We encountered no problems apart from unsympathetic police. Main concerns: Wear highly visible clothing; carry as much liquids as possible; keep an excess of energy bars; full toolkit for bike (get to know it like a good friend!!); and carry plenty of first-aid equipment, especially insect repellant; freeze spray for aching muscles; and antiseptic. There are plenty of snakes, lizards, and other creepy crawlies but easily avoidable.

Anyone of medium fitness can complete this ride; mental toughness is probably as important as physical toughness. The six weeks I took to complete the ride were some of the most memorable of my life, so far (Next ride: Trans-Canada).

Good luck to one and all attempting this amazing trip.

World of Difference; Sydney to Perth ride
by: Sam


We are doing a ride from Sydney to Perth, starting 10th November 2012 and are looking for a rider to join us. It's supported by Campervan with a TV crew filming a documentary, and we get to Perth on the 4th December (so about 170km average a day).

More info is available at for anyone who might be interested... Go to for more contact information.


Cycling in November
by: Margie

Good luck with your cycle. It's a shame you chose November to film a documentary about the Nullarbor. Early October is the best time. The wildflowers and the flowering salmon gums are amazing in October and the whales are still at the Head of the Bight in early October before they swim back to Antarctica.

Still, you should have a great time.

All the best (from one who's done it 3 times already).

2013 Perth to Adelaide on 2 wheels anyone?
by: Marcus


I have just completed the Great Victorian Bike ride for the first time in Dec '12 and fair to say have caught the bug of cycling.

I've signed up to do the Great Vic again from Mt Gambier to Geelong late November but thought why not head to Perth and do a little extra to warm up!

It’s just a thought at this stage, want to see who else might be interested, and happily go alone but rather a companion and possibly even a support vehicle. I'd maybe go around the south coast of WA to begin as opposed to directly across the Nullarbor. Aiming for approx mid Oct to arrive to Adelaide mid Nov. Dates are somewhat flexible. I'm a comedian and looking to line up some shows along the way or make a little doco of it too. So any creative types get in touch and we can throw some ideas about.


Watch for Wild Life
by: Anonymous

I made the trip from Sydney to Perth on motorcycle about 6 years ago. It was the trip of a life time; incredible geography and diversity. The greatest hazard we had to be aware of is the wild life. Kangaroos and Emus have no brains. They will jump out in front of you without warning. But having said that, they are not usually active during the day. Dusk is not a time to be riding and night riding in the outback is very dangerous. The key is being aware of what you can see coming up the road. As with all safe riding, pretend you're invisible and you'll be OK. I envy you. You'll have a great time.

Perth to Sydney
by: Anonymous

Not to sure how old your query is, however if you haven't gone yet, go for it. I with a mate did the ride 18 months ago. A bit tough for us casual cyclists however when you get yourself into a routine it's ok. We spent most of the nights camping by the roadside which was fine.

If you want any further info contact me on email address -- if not have a safe and good adventure

We are doing again in 2015
by: Cycle Across Oz

Just to let you know we will be running a new tour from Perth to Melbourne (around the coast) again in 2015. This will be our 6th time across on bikes and 7th time for my husband.
Check us out at

Go for it
by: David

Its a great ride did it 3 years or so ago in 32 days alone. Its as safe as you care to make it just dont argue with road trains.

Perth to Sydney 2015
by: Nick

Hi everyone, i will be cycling from Perth to Sydney in 2015 as part of a charity fundraiser i am cycling in from Perth to Scotland. If anyone would like to join me for part of the leg please get in touch at

Cheers :)

Perth to Sydney
by: Robin

Hi Marc

Can you tell me a little about yourself and when you are thinking of going? Would you consider a fellow cyclist going along with you? I look forward to hearing from you.



Cycling from Perth to Perth
by: Stephen

Hi, I am hoping to cycle the whole of Australia in January 2017 from Perth to Perth along the whole coast of the country any help or views would be gratefully accepted, and how long can you stay in Australia for? Many thanks.

Around Australia in 2016
by: John

I am planning to take a year to cycle (probably e-recumbent tricycle) around Australia, departing from Perth about April 2016. My plan is to head north and cross the top-end during June-August when the weather is more mild, and arrive in SE Queensland before the summer. I want to ride for about 5 days per week and rest and enjoy some time off for 2 days (average). Most of it would be camping out, with occasional stops at caravan parks. I would also like to stop for longer periods at different locations if/when the mood strikes - perhaps do some WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). Would be interested in sharing the experience with a compatible person.


Darwin - Cairns - Townsville. August 2016
by: Steve

Planning my next cycling trip. Departing Darwin early August 2016. Route: Darwin, 3 Ways, Borroloola, Burketown, Normanton, Cairns, Townsville, following Highway 1.
Has anyone done this route? Hoping for information on water stops. I normally ride unsupported and solo. Have ridden Perth - Melbourne via Albany and Esperance and Townsville - Melbourne.
Would be grateful for any help.
I can be contacted by email.

Cycling from Darwin to Melbourne
by: Margie

I cycled solo in the opposite direction around Australia in 2007. The rest stops and water tanks haven't changed much, but occasionally they get drained by over zealous travellers filling up their water storage drums for camp showers etc. If you want to contact me on I can give you any info you need. You should be able to enjoy the better weather and prevailing winds, although the Stuart and Barkly Highways will be hot hot hot during August and September.

Perth to Sydney via Melbourne
by: Marshall

I am planning to ride my trike Perth to Sydney via Melbourne starting April 2017. If anyone is keen to share the trip [trike or bike] I'd be interested. I'm a fit 64yo not looking to race, just achieve an objective, so time is not a great issue but am thinking of about 60km+ each day, six days a week.

Anyone on Dec. 2016?
by: Brandon

Hi. I am planning to ride from Perth to Sydney on coming December this year. I am looking for company to ride together. Please give me an email to discuss about the itinerary. Cheers.
Email :

Trying my luck: Perth to Sydney
by: Vishnudas

Hi, My name is Vishnudas S Chapke, a former Indian Journalist. I have been travelling around the world from last six month. After doing six countries in Asia I landed in Perth on August 31.
I am an amature cyclist and gearing up for Perth to Sydney cycling. I will start my journey on Sept 16 from Perth. Any information about route, sponsporship, safety gear is welcome. I am reachable on
Regards, Vishnudas

Perth to Brisbane
by: Alex

For a west-east crossing of the Australian continent on bicycles in July/August 2017 I am looking for more participants. The route of approximately 6200km will take us from Perth, Uluru straight across the Simpson desert to Birdsville and then Brisbane. Estimated duration of the trip is 10 weeks at an average distance of about 100km per day. The 4WD support vehicle carrying supplies and camping gear will be driven by the riders taking turns. That provides everyone with a rest day every 4-6 days (depending on group size) while the group can still keep moving. The driver for the day will also be in charge of camp set up and break down, food preparation, lunch stop management and general support to riders. Aspired team size is 6-7 people.
Anyone interested out there? Contact me on

Cycling from Perth to Sydney
by: Anonymous

I'm planning to cycle in September from Perth to Sydney! If you are interested to join me, please contact me on 0404189961 or send me an email to
Kind regards

Amazing to think of people doing it!
by: Pommy Pam

Hi, I am free camping at the moment in NSW. And would you believe this morning met a guy from Japan on his bike absolutely loaded up. We got talking and he has blown me away! He cycled from Perth heading to Sydney. He said it has taken a month to cycle across, does approx. 200 kms a day. He is alone, he flys back to Japan 21st Feb from Sydney. You must have lots of water, be well equipped, especially cycling the Nullarbor. This is a massive country and can be dangerous if not prepared! Good luck! Yes, we have snakes and spiders. But just be aware!

Si-am's cycle across Australia
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am 13 years old and I am days away from starting my challenge to become the fastest child to cycle across Oz. I am hoping to do this in about 30 days, any tips would be very much welcome.

Visit my facebook page: Si-ams Cycle across Australia 2017

September 17, crossing Australia
by: Ash

I will be heading out from Perth on 3 September 17 heading to Sydney via Adelaide. Looking at approximately one month to complete the journey.
If anyone has suggestions or interest in joining the fun, please contact me.

Happy riding


West - East cycle by recumbent
by: Marshall

I left Perth April 1st riding my recumbent trike. My journey took me firstly to Melbourne before heading into NSW and completing in Canberra May 31.
Distances covered each day varied from a minimum of 40km with a dodgy knee to 130km, my maximum. On average I cycled 80-90 km a day. I am a fit 65yo. Perhaps if twenty years younger I might have covered more kms each day but was perfectly happy with my rate.
Crossing the Nullarbor was not a problem - the mornings are fantastic. Obviously the trucks are plentiful but it is equally obvious to stick to the extreme left hand side of the road. Most trucks give plenty of room when they pass.Some but not enough have their lights on so are easily visible from a distance. I carried 15 litres of water but to be honest because a roadhouse was virtually always just a day away water never hit any crisis.
Helpful hint: Instead of going through Port Augusta there is a ferry that crosses Spencers Gulf from Cowle to Wallaroo - cuts off about 200kms.
I budgeted well ahead so was perfectly happy to take a room at a motel or pub. I prefer a hot shower and full sleep to camping. I camped only five nights.
Punctures? - not a problem. I had one on my second last day. My three tyres were changed twice each - am not sure if that is a trike issue as other cyclists I came across seemed to have nothing close to that.
I deliberately chose April-June to avoid the heat. It was perfect conditions - got wet twice.
Want to ask further? Feel free -
ph: 0408620235

Perth -> SYD or SYD -> Perth by bicycle
by: Anonymous

male, 47 years old, from Germany is interested in cycling from Perth to Sydney or from Sydney to Perth, departing before Dec 20 in Australia.

Please mail to

Perth to Brisbane

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to cycle from Perth to Brisbane middle of next year.

Any advice and "not to miss" stops would be greatly appreciated. Would love to include spots like Coober Pedy and William Creek.

Many thanks!

Sites to see
by: Great Vic

Goods sites to see along the way is Uluru and Great Ocean Road. Also Flinders Ranges is very nice.

Cycle across Australia
by: Zac

Can anyone give me an idea of the best route to cycle from Perth to Sydney and the best possible time of year, winds, climate etc.?

Cairns to Cape York Aug/Sept 2018
by: Anonymous

Ride Buddy wanted.
Cairns to Cape York. Aug/Sep 2018
Approx 3 weeks 1000 km MTB
Interested contact Kym

Ride Buddy Wanted
by: Hugo

Hey there Internet,
I'm planning a trip to cycle from Perth to Sydney for charity and would like to see if anyone would like to bear the big expanse with me?
I'll be planning it to start June 2019 and take 2 months to do it.
If interested then drop me an email at:

Perth to Uluru
by: Anonymous

Hey, thinking of riding from Perth to Ayers Rock and back. I'm 22 and don't have much riding long distance experience but I'm pretty fit.

I want to start planning it so I can get visible goals on paper. What should I do? Any tips?

Perth to Sydney cycle buddies
by: Miks

Hi all,
I'm thinking of a cycle trip Perth-Sydney, say May-June 2020 start. I'm a fit 68yr old and looking at a nice easy pace of say 100k a day, if anyone's interested of joining me please get in touch.

Road Trains
by: Alistair

I'd look at an electric bike pulling a trailer with some solar panels on it. The road is good but thin, and you will need to get OFF the road when any large mining trucks go past as they can take up ALL the road and then some. Don't worry about snakes, it's the traffic I would worry about.
And don't even think about crossing Australia around Christmas time as you WILL die through heat exhaustion, try turning on your oven and climbing in, and you will get some idea how hot it can get...
Go in September, October.

Current cycle across now.
by: Allan Shalless

This guy is fundraising:

by: Anonymous

Hi, I live on the road full time, travelling on a fully loaded touring bike. I am a male, 57, and though I like to race am looking at a sedate average of 60km a day, though that could easily double if the need arises.
Thinking of leaving Adelaide any time after the storm force westerlies finish after August. Though like most cyclists we are loners, I feel it would be nice to do this trip with company, considering the vast distances between towns.
Great opportunity for anyone thinking of doing this trip.
Hopefully the borders will of opened by then, I am prepared to bend to other time frames, please email if you have any interest.
Kind regards, Will

Perth eastbound
by: Marshall

Hi Marc,
I cycled my recumbent trike Perth - Melbourne - Canberra in 2017.
Camping is no danger. The reports overseas about Australia of dangerous 'wildlife' are far too exaggerated. Yes, snakes exist as do scorpions but the bigger danger are trucks and grey nomads with caravans on the road. They don't give a lot of room but I clung to the left side and all was fine. I rode April - June for best weather conditions. There are strong headwinds close to the WA:SA border. Water was not a problem. I carried 15 litres but rarely used more than two as roadhouses are at most two days apart. Camping is magical - the night sky, sunrise and bird life in the morning. I averaged about 85kms a day. To Melbourne it took about six weeks and to Canberra another ten days. You'll love it.

Perth - Sydney 2nd 1/2 2022
by: Edmund

Anyone planning to go Perth to Sydney private 2nd 1/2 of 2022. 53 year old. Seeking 1 - 2 riding companions one with good mechanical knowledge. Date flexible and possibly 2023.

Perth to Sydney NEW
by: Marshall

I cycled west to east four years ago.Loved it!
Australia's 'dangerous' reputation is grossly exaggerated. Sure I saw a snake and a scorpion when camping but hardly felt threatened at all. Any nasties will be more scared of you than you of them and more likely to beat a hasty retreat than lie in wait to 'attack'.
Enjoy your trip. It'll be a memorable experience.

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