Dangerous but Marvelous

by david brown

I was there in 2007 & I chose to climb it. I didn't feel like I was disrespecting the traditional owners at all as there were many others climbing it at the same time, but I can understand why people would choose not to climb it. I was with a large group of people, some of whom chose to climb & others didn't.

It is a difficult climb with little there to support you, but it's worth it in the end. I'm extremely glad I did climb it as the view from the top just can't be described, it is literally breath-taking and I believe just doing the walk (which I did as well) doesn't quite do it justice...

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lead by example
by: Anonymous

I'm sad to hear that you chose to climb it. The thing is, that people climbing are destroying the local children's ability to swim in the natural watering holes due to the pollution that is coming from the climbers.

Just because someone else does something, does NOT make it ok. Would it be ok for me to destroy your children's swimming hole or environment, just because everyone else was doing it?!

I hope people reading this will choose to lead by example and NOT climb.

Well Done!
by: Anonymous

Well done for climbing the rock.

The Climb is fantastic. The top is well worth it.I spent five hours on top of the rock. The views are only a fraction of it. The rock itself is unbeleievably beautiful close up. The pools, the birds, the plant life and the different textures. The base of the rock is insignificant compared with the top.

Stopping people climbing will not stop pollution. Tourists will pollute the area anyway, as there is only one toilet at the base of the rock.

Why are children swimming in water holes that have signs saying no entry?

Specious argument
by: Anonymous

Since when do kids get out of the water to pee? Are you sure its not them polluting their own water hole.

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