Driving between Alice and Ayers

by Helen Macklin
(West Midlands, UK)

How many gas stations are there between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, in other words, are they so few that we would need to fill up at each one? Also how many times would a trip of that distance require us to fill up if we set off with a full tank (intermediate size car)?

Secondly, and most importantly, we are driving back from Ayers Rock to Alice on Christmas Day, for a connecting flight to Cairns after 4pm- can you please tell me if the gas stations will be open on Christmas Day.

Many thanks.
Helen Macklin

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No need to fill up at all
by: Birgit

Hi Helen,
Relax. As it says on the page about Uluru National Park, the distance from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock Resort (Yulara, has a gas station) is 461km. You shouldn't have to fill up at all. And if you need to, there are four more service stations before you get to Ayers Rock.

And there are always signs on the highway telling you how far it is from one to the next.

I would assume that the roadhouses are open on Christmas Day, at least those on the Stuart Highway. But you can always ask them on the way to Ayers Rock.

Anyway, if you fill up your car the night before you shouldn't need a gas station on Christmas Day.

Hope you'll have a great Christmas!

Thanks, another question

Many thanks for your response.
It's about the same distance that we drove from LA to Vegas and I think we filled up once to be on the safe side and we will probably do the same here.
It's not the ideal way to spend Christmas Day, but far better than spending it in the kitchen back home!

Another question if I may: Are we likely to run into these huge lorries on that stretch of road at that time of year?

Road Trains
by: Birgit

Road trains? You should see some on the Stuart Highway. They never stop. I once spent Christmas Day on a road train when I was still hitchhiking around this country :-).

New question about petrol station in the region
by: Eder Rezende

I am planning my trip from Alice Springs to Glen Helen gorge and after usealed road to Kings Canyon.
Is there some petrol station on the way to fill the thank?

Many thanks!

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