I climbed Uluru, a spiritual experience

by Colin
(Liverpool, England, UK.)

The way I see it, Uluru was there millions of years before the Aborigines arrived, before the Whites arrived. No one owns the Rock, it belongs to the world, to climb it is a much a religious experience for me as it is for the Aborigine. When I went to the top, I felt changed as I stood at the top and pondered my life and my place in the Universe, I felt the Rock partially answered it, I did come down feeling different.

For that reason I think it should be shared, the Rock didn't ask to be owned, it belongs to the world as does the ground it stands on, it will be here a million years from now long after we are all dust.

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by: Paul Bikehike

Hi Colin,

Nice to learn about your personal experience to Uluru. I am also one of them who appreciate it's spirituality.

Well Said
by: Anonymous

Of course we can experience in a spiritual way. No one should have a monopoly on the spiritual.

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