Kakadu and Litchfield in 3 days

Litchfield in April: Swimming at Florence Falls

Litchfield in April: Swimming at Florence Falls

We have only three days for Kakadu and maybe Litchfield. We arrive 1st April. We are coming back to Oz after 20 years with the kids and need to pack everything into 3 weeks.

Can you suggest the best bits to visit in 3 days at that time of the year and do you have any suggestions for reputable 4WD hires?

PS.: Only place we didn't get to 1st time round was the Kimberleys :(

Re: Kakadu and Litchfield in 3 days

What you can visit in the Kakadu and Litchfield area in early April is determined by which roads are open.

I just had another question about Kakadu in April. That page explains more about that. The information is very relevant for your question, too.

The government website has pages with Kakadu itineraries specifically for both the dry season and wet season.

  • I would recommend that you definitely put Litchfield National Park on your itinerary.

    It is more accessible during the wet season and the attractions in Litchfield are closer together.

    Litchfield has one sealed loop road through the whole park, and that road is generally accessible all year round. You can cover Litchfield in a single day if you want to.

  • How much and what you should see in Kakadu will be determined by which roads are open, so you have to play it by ear.

    Study the itineraries that I linked to above to get an idea of what you can fit in.

    You can also download and print the official Kakadu Visitor Guide from this page. (Scroll down for the link, it's above the Bowali Visitor Centre contact details.)

    The most current road report for Kakadu National Park is here. Check it just before you leave.

    You can also ring or email the Bowali Visitor Centre to get the most current information on what you can access and what is closed. (Contact details on the page I linked to above.)

If you want to develop a detailed schedule before leaving then stick to the attractions that are usually accessible during the wet.

I hope that helps.

I don't have any advice for where to best hire a 4WD. All the big companies have depots here, they are all reputable, and their prices are all very similar.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for your info :)

by: Nifty

I agree with B, Litchfield is a must. The kids will love the swimming holes as much as you will, and you can to do it all in a day. Enjoy!!

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