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Check out the Kakadu National Park Webcam

The first Kakadu Webcam, a live streaming cam in Kakadu National Park, just launched.

Well, "just" as I am writing this. Might be very old news by the time you read it...

It's 29 September 2006, and the new Kakadu Cam was launched at the National Geographic magazine "Experience Your World" in New York from 22-28 September.

I heard about it yesterday and of course I went straight over to have a look. It was late in the evening and I saw...

The sunrise at the Mamukala wetlands? Live streaming?

Had another look this morning, still the same images, but this time I noticed the little note saying that the Kakadu Cam is currently offline. Ah well, teething problems I guess.

But the images are beautiful and the audio is even better. This is a great time of the year at the Mamukala wetlands in Kakadu National Park. It's the end of the dry season and because many other water holes are drying up thousands and thousands of birds congregate at the Mamukala wetlands.

Once the Kakadu cam goes live again it should be great. Even at night time you can listen to the wildlife hunting and feeding. During the day you should be able to see not just the birds but also kangaroos, possums, wallabies, even snakes and crocodiles (the camera is protected in a cage...). Morning and evening are the best times.

Maybe you even get to see some tropical thunderstorms...

The developers of the Kakadu National Park Webcam (Tourism Australia, National Geographic, Tourism NT, Kakadu National Park and the traditional Aboriginal owners of Kakadu) say that eventually visitors will be able to talk to rangers through the Kakadu Cam, and hear traditional stories from the Aboriginal elders. Sounds great, doesn't it?

And National Geographic say there will be more webcams through Australia in the future...

For now I'm keeping the window with the Kakadu Webcam open in the background while I'm working, just so I can listen to the birds. Just like sitting in the shelter at Mamukala itself... Very soothing. Actually, not really. Makes me wanna go camping in Kakadu rather than sit here and write...

Incidently, that is exactly what the developers hope the Kakadu Webcam will do: get you to get off your butt, buy a ticket and come over here to see Kakadu National Park for real! I think the whole thing is a terrific idea, and as far as I can see it should be working...

Edit: sorry, but the link isn't working any more. The page it linked to has been removed from the National Geographic site.

Check out the new Kakadu National Park Webcam

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