Melbourne to Perth - By Rental Car


Melbourne to Perth: the Nullarbor Plain

Melbourne to Perth: the Nullarbor Plain

I'm hoping to rent a car and travel from Melbourne to Perth. I'm from the UK, and this is something I've always wanted to do. Do you have any tips/tricks/suggestions? How long do you think it will take? I'll be doing some of the trip alone - will this be a problem?

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Melbourne to Perth - By Rental Car

The trip will not be a problem at all. You are not leaving civilization. You are not leaving the bitumen at any stage. There's nothing to it. At the worst you may get a bit bored when driving across the Nullarbor Desert.

How long it takes is entirely up to you. You don't say what you hope to get out of the trip, what budget you are on or what style of travel you prefer (eg. camping or hotels). Do you have plenty of time available and want to see as much as possible? Or is this mainly about the experience of driving across the Nullarbor Plain?

It depends how much you want to see on either end of the trip. Both the area between Melbourne and Adelaide as well as the south of WA have a lot to offer.

I personally would take my time, and go the longer coastal route in WA: Esperance-Albany-Denmark-Margaret River... You could easily spend a week or two just in that corner. If you take the inland route you may want to have a look at Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields.

On the Melbourne/Adelaide side you have the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, Kangaroo Island... and that are just the most obvious attractions.

Pure driving time, if you take the shortest route (a good 3400 km) and only stop to eat and sleep, is about 3 days.

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Be aware of Kangaroos while driving.
by: Chris Ryan

Yes it is easy to drive from Melbourne to Perth.
I have a friend who does this twice a year for visits.

There is one thing you should be aware of and that is kangaroos.
Just before dusk and just after dusk you will see them on the side of the road. Roos have a habit of jumping in front of cars and if you hit one it will make an awful mess of your car and perhaps yourself as well.

It is safe to make this drive but if you see roos slow down and be prepared to stop and you will have a safe journey.
Chris from perth-getaways

by: sahil

it is good site .......we love it

by: Gary L

If you are looking at hiring a car on a one way rental, be aware of the cost involved some hire companys will allow you to take the vehicle one way but will expect you to pay for all costs in getting the vehicle back to its original pick up point.This can be very costly.

by: ~Peace and Love~

Hey:), when is winter time in Perth? Me and my family are planning to visit Australia, Perth, on June and we wonder is it winter, spring or summer on that month. So what season is it in June? And do you know how long does it take to go to Perth to Melbourne. How long??

Perth Local
by: Anonymous

Hey, I live in Perth. Summer is dec jan feb, autumn is mar apr may, winter is jun jul aug, spring is sep oct nov.
And if you see a Kangaroo turn your headlights off as they get "stunned" by the lights and won't move. Hope this helps.

Is it safe to take three children under 4 to Perth from Melbourne
by: Sam & family

I have a nissan patrol GU and also I'll be travelling to Perth from Melbourne with wife and three children ages 4, 2 and 8 months. I am worried about the kids with the long trip. Do you recommend that it will be safe or fly there and hire a car in Perth.

Moving from Melbourne to Perth
by: Anonymous

My husband, myself and our 2 year old son are relocating to Perth for work purposes and we want to take our car with us. Its only a little hyundai excel but we have never drove from melb to perth and are wondering how long it will take us if we just take the quickest route and only stop for eating and sleeping? and would it be ok for our son? and what sort of accommodation is available on the way? as we are on a tight budget and are trying to make the move as cost less as possible.
if anyone would be able to answer my questions it would be very much appreciated and a great help to us :)

Travelling D
by: Anonymous

I will be traveling from Melbourne to Perth in a month or so. I want to stop in Adelaide then continue to Perth on the scenic route, then up the coast somehow and make it to Darwin.

Can anyone help with driving tips, thing to look out for and sites to visit. Much appreciated.

Melbourne to Perth
by: Tom Naylor

We are landing in Melbourne but final destination is Perth. What is the best way of doing this? Really fancy crossing the Nullabor on a Trike but open to any suggestions.

driving from melbourne to perth
by: Anonymous

Avoid summer. It is very hot in the Nullabor. The trip has long straight stretches. Night stopping is possible at Eucla, Nullabor motels and Norseman. Service stations are about 100 km apart on average.

I would suggest a bigger car that is comfortable and powerful.

Travel buddy
by: Tilda

Hi! Are you looking for a travel buddy ?:)
I want to so the same trip and looking around for someone who wants to do it as well !:)
Let me know if you are interested:

Drive Melbourne to Perth
by: DeanO

Who wants to hire a car & drive from Melbourne to Perth?

Done the trip 4 times
by: Chris G

Yep. I've done the trip 4 times there and back. On my own it took me 23 hours with one stop in Balladonia, WA and of course at service stations in each state. If i had a break it would a 15 minute to half hour. It is a worthwhile trip. The Nullabor at night can be breathtaking. Satelites, shooting stars and the odd meteor are some of the sights you'll see if you stop and admire the stars that light up the Plains.

road trip's prie
by: Anna

Hello, I m thinking about renting a car and driving Melbourne-Perth in 10-15 days. How much would the oil cost approx.??

Driving from Melbourne to perth
by: Florencethewonderdog

We are planning on driving from Melbourne to perth in May , we will have our dog with us, can you recommend car hire that allows dogs and links to motels pet friendly please?

Moving to Australia
by: Natalie

I am flying into Sydney from the States and then heading into Melbourne for a few day stop. I plan to take the trip from Melbourne to Perth, maybe by rent car, maybe by train. I am very unfamiliar with Australia so I really have no idea what would be the best path to take on a tight budget. Again I am moving here from the United States so any suggests would be appreciated. I have read through the other comments and they were helpful.

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