Moving to Australia

by J V "Nick" Nichols
(Helena, Arkansas, USA)

I am 53 yoa. I am a carpenter with (VO Tech and AAS degree in carpentry & historic building trades) is there any way I can move to Australia I do know there is a very strict 45 age limit for most skilled tradesmen if not all. I have been to Australia 3 times. 1 time while I was in the US Navy and 2 other times 2005& 2006. I am retired from the US Military and I have my own retirement and medical insurance. So IS THERE ANY WAY for me to move to Australia!!!! Thank You for any info you can provide. J V "Nick" Nichols,DC1,USCG,(RET.)

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Moving to Australia
by: Birgit

Nick, there is always a way. Apart from that please check the previous question about emigrating to Australia. The answer is the same. Check out all the different visas available and their requirements, and see if you can fit in somewhere, or if you can make yourself fit somehow. Nobody knows your circumstances in enough detail to do that for you.

Greetings, Nick, wherever you are!
by: Dr, John


I thought you ARE in Australia. Or did you come back again? Are you in Helena? Let me know! My phone numbers keep changing, for the reasons you know. My e-mail address is jlslcd6214, and the latest cell phone, 716-801-1642.

I still stuck in Arizona, but I've had many travels and am still planning to get away. But never to anyplace with deserts, heat, and too much dryness.

I've been wondering about you!


Returning back to Australia
by: Anonymous


I was born in Sydney, Australia and I used to live there with my family. Now I live in Greece and I want to come back to live again in Australia but I don't know how because I haven't been working for many years now and I don't even have money to buy my plane ticket. I want someone to help me to pay my plane ticket find me a house to stay and a job to work. My job is working as a bar-woman at Nightclubs, Cafeterias, Coffee shops and bars.

After I find a job in Sydney and save up the money,I will use that money to pay back to pay my plane ticket.

by: Marcio Wilges

Moving to Australia is actually pretty easy if you have time of course. The process is pretty long if I'm not wrong but with the skills that you have I don't see why there should be any problems. If you want, you can probably look for an immigration specialist who can help you with applications! Good luck!

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