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Outback Pub

Outback Pub

I'm interested in getting a job in an outback pub as a barmaid. Have you had a go at this yourself and if so how did you get on? Are there any places you would recommend or not?

From what I've read on the net Kalgoorlie seems especially feral... One of the things that concerns me a bit is that I'm a bit older than the average backpacker (33), just average looking (no Elle MacPherson you understand) and from New Zealand - hence probably not a drawcard for an outback pub. However I'd be keen on getting any other sort of work (eg. cleaner in mining camp?) Any advice would be much appreciated,

Great site, and congrats on setting it up so well.
Cheers, Claire

Response to: Outback barmaid jobs?

Hi Claire,

Yep, Kalgoorlie is feral :-). There are so many different places that you could call "Outback pubs". When I say Outback I rather think of the really remote and isolated places, not big mining towns like Kalgoorlie.

I never worked as a barmaid, just not my cup of tea. Kitchen hand is as far as I ever got :-).

(But see Helene's submission: she worked in an Outback pub in Queensland and LOVED it.)

Any Outback roadhouse or pub would be more than happy to have you if you're a good worker. They are not looking for young, pretty backpackers or drawcards (although that is of course viewed as a bonus), they mostly need someone reliable and friendly with common sense who can do the work.

There are Kiwis everywhere here, more than in Kiwiland, so don't you worry about that. We'll tease you but we'll put up with you :-). The overseas tourists wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway...

Australia is a huge place so I don't have specific recommendations. If you've done that kind of work before you'll find a job easily. I'd just follow my gut feeling. If you walk into a place and it doesn't feel right, ask for a beer, drink it, and leave. If you like the place, ask for a job. You can always quit if it doesn't work out.

It should be reasonably easy to get a job in a mining camp, too. Not too sure where you start searching there, as I've never been on the catering side of things. (I'm a scaffolder and crane driver in process maintenance. Or rather, I was...) Will have to look into that so I can give some better info.

You wouldn't be working for the mining company but for the catering company, so you'd have to track those down to apply for a job. The company that services the remote Western Australian sites is called Universal Sodexho (formerly Minesite Catering). Email them to ask for information or submit your resume in and see what happens. Alternatively I'd look around on the usual big job sites (SEEK etc.). Well, and as always, just rock up in town and talk to people.

I just did a few quick searches and from what I can see they need cleaners and kitchen hands in mining camps just as much as any other mining related occupations.

So, whatever it is that you want to do, I really don't think you'll have problems finding a job in the north west.

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    Comments for Outback pub barmaid jobs?

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    Excellent :o) thanks B for the advice
    by: claire

    much appreciated!!

    Outback pubs great way of meeting true aussie characters
    by: St Christopher

    Outback pubs are a great way for travellers to experience true Australia. There is a website www.workstay.com.au that has lots of stories from travellers who did work - mostly barmaids - in country and outback pubs in Western Australia. Gives you good insight into the reality. Definately worth giving a go.
    Happy travels .....

    by: Birgit

    Thanks for that tip! I see it's a WA site.

    Making another page about hospitality work in Western Australia is on my to do list. Everybody here is flocking to the mines and all the pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants etc. are DESPERATE for staff. I'll add the link there so people can find it!

    hard to find workers
    by: Greg

    i own and opperate a small country hotel in central Queensland and find it hard to find staff. If anyone knows of a good site please let me know buy posting your own comments

    looking for outback pub work
    by: Corinne Hewett

    Hi my name is corinne i am a 26 year old Aussie and am travelling around Australia. I would love to work in a country pub i have 9 years experience in pub's and club's and plenty of experience in hostel work aswell. If any body is looking for bar maids i would love the opportunity to take on a role in the country. Pureplatinium@hotmail.com.au

    to greg who owns qld outback pub
    by: nick

    greg if you are looking for staff i cook clean and have been running bars for three years now in out back w.a. please call 08 99430504 and ask for nick kay

    outback pubs
    by: Anonymous

    When i was in australia i did three lots of outback pub work.
    one was 12 hours west of bribane and i found that through the job desk in on of the hostels in bribane.
    i also did two east of perth.not sure if he is still running but there was a guy who ran a business that sent backpackers to pubs in the country.i cant remeber the name but it was in a shopping centre in the pedestrian part.think it was in an international travel office of some sort! sorry so long ago!
    hope this helps

    Looking for Outback Work
    by: Anonymous

    Hello, I am a 22 yr old Canadian and am looking to experience the outback. I have experience working in the hospitality industry. Just finished a restaurant job in brisbane. Anyone looking for workers contact me. aprilj2278@hotmail.com
    Thanks :)

    pub allrounder needed!!!
    by: Anonymous

    (posted June 10, 2010)
    We have the following position available ASAP
    Currently have a position available for an all- rounder in our country Hotel/ Motel. Must speak fluent english, have experience in Bar work and current QLD RSA. Duties will incude but not limited to Bar work, kitchen work and Housekeeping. Housekeeping includes servicing of Motel rooms. 38 Hours per week with definate possibilty of overtime. Meals and accomodation provided. Long term applicants (at least 3months or longer) need only apply. Ability to cook an advantage.
    If you are interested in this postition please email juandah-hotel@bigpond.com

    Looking for bar work
    by: Geri

    Hi, I'm a Kiwi looking for bar work in the outback. I'm willing to commit to a long term or short term option. I'm pretty outgoing and relate well to all different types of people and well presented and reliable. If anyone knows of any bar or hospitality work in the outback (anywhere) please let me know. gerri_ryan@hotmail.com

    Bar work in the outback
    by: geri

    Hey I'm looking for bar/hospitality work in the outback and happy for short or long term. I'm outgoing and friendly and relate well to all types of people and very reliable. If anyone knows of anything please meail me. gerri_ryan@hotmail.com

    Looking for a job as Barmaid
    by: Anonymous


    I'm looking for a job in an outback pub/bar/hotel. I worked back home in Germany in hospitality so I have some experience. I'm outgoing, friendly and always polite!

    If u are interested just mail me to: Marcella-j@web.de

    looking for work in outback pub
    by: Zoe and Dan

    We are a travelling couple, male and female, looking for work. We do not have experience working behind a bar but are quick learners, have great sense of humors! Please contact mitchzoe@hotmail.co.uk if you have anything :)

    Bar Work NEW
    by: Kim Mantlr

    I have worked in the industry since 1993 my first job was Swansea Hotel...I have worked in Clubs since I would love to work in the outback...I have worked as supervisor since...

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