People Should Be Allowed To Climb Uluru

by Anonymous

Those in favour of climbing Uluru, will have the opportunity to examine the nartural and cultural beauty of this great sandstone monolithe. Uluru is now very popular and one of the top sites to see, bringing many tourists to advance it. With many tourists exploring these wonderful places, other people around the world will understand many unique and distinctive cultures. Also, thousands of tourists coming to Uluru will be benefical for the government and there will be better facilities in that area.

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Too True
by: Anonymous

It should be a choice. The rock was declared world heritage staus based on its geology. Then seven years later culture was added.

Climbing Uluru
by: Anonymous

It is a shame that people can't climb Uluru because it is one of the best land marks in Australia.

by: Anonymous

I think that we should be able to climb Uluru because it is one of the best known landmarks in Australia.

Uluru is significant for all Australians
by: Anonymous

Uluru is a significant cultural landmark not just for the local Anangu tribe but for all Australians that cherish the length and breadth of this big brown land. While I am happy to acknowledge that Aboriginal culture inhabited this country first, they emigrated all those years ago from another location on this earth, the middle-east. I happily accept that Uluru is a sacred location to the Anangu, Uluru was around long before their arrival. Keep in mind that the first Anangu elder to take control of Uluru, Paddy Uluru, in 1973 said, "If tourists are stupid enough to climb the Rock, they’re welcome to it" and, "The physical act of climbing was of no cultural interest". If the original Anangu owner of Uluru had no issues with people climbing, why is it any different today? The climb should remain, it should be celebrated and maintained and government should honour Section 17 of the original lease agreement. Besides, keeping the climb open will continue the economic inflow for the Anangu tribe.

by: Anonymous

Anyone who says that it should be a choice or we should climb Uluru is just STUPID!!

by: Meaw

Uluru is one of the great things about Australia, people should be allowed to explore it.

Please keep the climb.
by: John

I have just returned with my family and climbed the rock. It has meaning for me as I climbed it with my now deceased parents 37 years ago. While at Ayres Rock we did everything - bike rides, camel rides, dinner under the stars, the cultural center etc. There were hundreds at any one time climbing the rock. For me, my wife and my children, the climb was the highlight. It was hard and challenging and an accomplishment.

It is a natural formation. It is wonderful that the aboriginals see spiritual significance in the rock, but it is not a church that was man made and is privately owned. People can climb to the top of St Peters cathedral if they want. We must be able to move forward with reconciliation and share and respect each other. We must keep the climb, but do more to respect the indigenous population. We also require a fee to climb to make sure there is the ability to fine those who litter.

Please keep the climb for future generations.

Please email the tourism ministers both federally and in the NT.

by: Anonymous Mouse

just don't! its so disrespectful and you can still walk around the rock or go on a segway tour

yeeyee NEW
by: Anonymous

I dont think we should climb it. Imagine some stranger climbing your grandmas house and leaving human waste there where she would tell you stories and you would have a jolly old time. It ain’t fun

We should climb NEW
by: Anonymous

I live in Alice Springs and people here will claim something is cultural and sacred if they shit it out in the toilet. I don’t mean to be disrespectful or so blunt but that’s the reality of indigenous culture - it’s a beautiful culture but it’s super inconsistent and they contradict themselves all the time. If something is sacred than it should have been established as a sacred sight since it’s origins, however we can basically access that because of the tourism aspect and the light that has been placed on the Rock along with its rarity, that some people have now decided to tell everyone that Uluru is a sacred place. Don’t close the rock it isn’t sacred. Not everything is sacred.

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