Pets at Uluru

by Kim Brash
(Gladstone, qld)

ARE DOGS ALLOWED AT ULURU???? What did you do with your pets if they are not allowed???

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No dogs at Uluru
by: Birgit

Hi Kim,
Dogs are most certainly not allowed at Uluru. It's a national park. Pets are not allowed in pretty much all national parks anywhere in Australia or the world.

What did I do? I leave my dog at home when I travel. There are few caravan parks and camping grounds that allow dogs, I can't take the dog into any national parks or nature reserves, and since travel for me is about camping and visiting parks and reserves, I wouldn't dream of taking my dog.

As for what other people do... There are three options: leave them at home, find someone to look after them in Alice or some place closer to Uluru that allows dogs, or board them somewhere in Alice.

It does not matter much where you travel, if you travel with a dog you will always run into these kind of problems. Uluru is no exception.

Have a look at the reader question below. There are some resources recommended that you may find helpful.

Camping in Oz with a dog

Here is the offical page about pets in NT Parks:

Hope you'll be able to sort out something!

Pets in the outback
by: Anonymous

So I can't have a dog, yet the aboriginal people have (had) dingos.
The blanket ban is ill informed and stupid.

Having an uncontrolled dog is certainly not on, but a well behaved dog under control should be no problem in many area. Yes native animals smell the dog, they smell you too and don't think you don't smell.

One watches some of the outback shows with renowned bushies, they have dogs. Are they not going into parks?

I am sure that stupidity will continue to rule but more and more older people are hitting the road and with pets. The opportunity is there for some enterprising people to offer more boarding for pets near these locked off resources

Dogs at Uluru
by: Birgit

Sure, you can have a dog. Nobody says you can't have a dog. You just can't take it into Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and pretty much all other Australian national parks.

It's a national park not a commercial enterprise. And it certainly is not a resource designed to please or make money of retirees. It's designed to protect native wildlife and the environment.

Where did you read that a "bushy's" dog would be allowed in a national park just because it's a "bushy's" dog???

It's a national park, not a caravan park. Whether you are a retiree or a bushy makes no difference, you can't bring dogs into national parks. That "stupid blanket ban" is individually established, for each and every park by every state or territory, and it is the same for most national parks all over the world, because it makes perfect sense.

There are exceptions for guide dogs and there are also some designated areas in some parks, usually a car park or something like that, where dogs are permitted provided they are tied up and provided with water. Those designated area can usually be found in conservation reserves and regional parks, rarely in national parks.

Other examples for "stupid blanket bans" beyond the NT:

Pets in WA Parks
Pets in NSW Parks
Pets in Tasmanian Parks

National park, not a business
by: Basil Faulty

WHAT a CROC. All National parks are run as a commercial enterprise, to suggest otherwise is niave....

by: Basil faulty

"It's a national park not a commercial enterprise. And it certainly is not a resource designed to please or make money of retirees. It's designed to protect native wildlife and the environment."

Maybe on the surface, but the extortionate fees would suggest otherwise. Made me laugh not one cent is actually spent on maintaining the rock, not one cent. In due course it will erode and become part of the desert.....It's visbly eroding as we speak, every night as the sun sets and the rock cools down it does wht every other rock does: shed it's outer layers as the contraction from the heat does its thing.
Where do all the fees go I hear you all ask....
Well there is maintenance on the vast machine set up to extract tourist dollars to support the rock and of course the pockets of the beaureaucrats in the NT government have to be lined.
Just think what would happen to the NT coffers if Uluru was not there?

Dogs at the Rock
by: Disco Duck

Who IS Birgit??

That would be me
by: Birgit

About Me

dogs in national parks
by: annie

Australian National Parks are full of wild dogs (not dingoes) but savage cross breeds. It is a shame NPWS do not get rid of these animals which kill native wildlife by the hundreds.
I agree, a well trained and controlled dog should be allowed in National Parks.
I think it is really sad people cannot take their pet with them when they travel. I do not have anyone to look after my dog and cannot afford to have her boarded, therefore I take her with me and she is no trouble when camping or walking.
Plan your trip around State Forests, dogs are allowed there with the exception of Victoria.

Dogs allowed at Uluru conditions apply
by: Annie

Have been doing some research about dogs at Uluru. There is a camping area called Sandy Way Rest Area 28km east of Yulara, which is 8.8km from Uluru. You could camp at Sandy Way RA - make sure your dog has plenty of exercise before you drive the 37km to view Uluru - as long as you do not let the dog out of the car (make sure you have water in the car, windows open and it is not during the heat of summer), your dog would be OK. Take a few photos and drive to your next destination.

You would not be able to do any tours as you could not leave your dog in the car for hours but at least you could see Uluru.

National Parks do not mind if you drive through their parks with your dog as long as you do not let them out.

Happy Travels

Dogs at Uluru
by: Linda

From what I understand, the caravan park, which is outside the national park, allows dogs. Leave the dog there with your caravan/tent site, while you visit the rock.

Having traveled extensively throughout Australia, with a dog (border collie) and kids, we have rarely found a spot that we couldn't visit. If you have a well behaved dog, you can always do as above, otherwise, kennels etc. are around.

Hey Birgit
by: Canadian

Just wanted to point out - I recently moved to Oz from Canada, where we camped in that country's many National Parks all the time with our 2 dogs by our side every step of the way. Now I can't imagine camping without my dogs. It's the perfect vacation for them too and totally ridiculous to think that a well behaved dog is a problem in a National Park.
In fact, since being in Australia, we have taken our dogs to many of the National Parks here and have never had a problem!

Dogs at Uluru
by: Matt

If Birgit wouldn't dream of taking her dog - maybe she shouldn't have one! Clearly she doesn't care for it the way that some of us care for our furry friends.

I am about to head to Uluru in the next couple of days and I understand that the caravan park (which I have been told is actually inside the boundaries of the National Park) does take dogs.

I will see what happens, but my dog won't be left alone. My wife and I will see Uluru separately if it means ensuring the safety of our best friend.

Dogs at Uluru
by: Birgit

So not only do you know Birgit's dog so much better than she does, you also know Birgit's circumstances better then she does herself?

Wonderfully easy to make assumptions and make up stories and then pass judgement, isn't it?

Leaving my dog alone????
As it so happens, she is much happier remaining in her usual surrounds with the usual people. Travel causes her major distress.

I repeat, I would not dream of taking her. It would be cruel.

The caravan park is part of the resort and the resort is outside the National Park. There is nowhere to stay inside.

Dogs in National Parks
by: Liza Dicks

It is incorrect to say you cannot take dogs into National Parks all over the world. In UK you can take your dog into National Parks.

I am sure the French would not leave their dogs at home when going camping they never leave them at home at all. There are no dual standards on this issue there. No you cannot take your dog into National Parks in Australia as they wish to preserve fauna and flora. However controlled burns are OK even though I have seem them get out of hand and destroy more than was expected and we too had to escape quickly let alone any wildlife.

Culling of wildlife is OK? I cant walk my dog along a beach which is National Park such as those north of Perth at Lancelin but you can fish there and drive onto the beaches. Is that not destroying the local wildlife? Sorry no sense in any of this and I don't buy it that the smell frightens away wildlife. How about Rottnest and quokkas who have to endure endless hoards of people many of whom abuse them but people are still allowed there as it makes money! Why cant you drive through a national park with your dog are you suggesting in Europe you cant do this either?

I was shocked when I came to know that in this country you cannot take your dog to parks.

Revenue Raising v's family members
by: Darwin Girl

I'm trying to plan a trip to my beloved Northern Territory, and it pains me to think that my dogs, who are my family members, have to stay at home. I couldn't rest or enjoy myself knowing that they were left out of our amazing experiences. They wouldn't be happy with the idea of being left out either.

Our pets rely upon us, not just for their basic needs, but also for their emotional needs.
There were some fantastic comments left on this post and I have to agree with the fact that banning pets from National Parks, particularly well behaved dogs who are kept on leases whilst visiting, is just another method of Government control!

How many other methods can the Government come up with in order to control and extort us? And, wasn't it the Australian Government who've caused extensive environmental damage with their 'fix it' solutions? For example, letting cane toads loose. Great idea!!! (sarcasm)! Now the NT is well and truly stuffed as a result. It was sad to witness. I wonder what they'll do to get rid of the cane toads. LOL!!! And we can't bring our pets into national parks because of the impact on the environment?

What about Malcolm Douglas
by: cowboydave

Yeah I really do not understand the no dogs allowed thing either to be honest. Just go and get a Malcolm Douglas dvd and you will see that he has traveled all over Australia in national parks and every thing with a dog as do many other tv travelers.

It is just a stupid idea that people have in there head that all dogs kill Austlian wild life, I am pretty sure that would be called stero typing.

It would be nice to see something done about this maybe even charge a small fee to make it worth the government while at least that way they could do what they do best and that is TAX us some more money for no reason. As far as I am concerned I will be taking my dog around Australia and good luck to stopping me people as long as he is on his lead there should be no reason.

I have seen many a child kill small native animals for their own amusement while the parents are not paying attention and children are still aloud into these areas maybe they should be restrained a bit more....

National Parks
by: Bronte the boxer

I am disgusted. Where I live in WA we have had 2 serious kangaroo attacks on people right in the the town in the last 2 years - completely unprovoked. These so-called wild animals were not put off by the smell of my doggy friends or their people. As far as having animals in National Parks (smell etc) I have kangaroos wandering around my people's home at night and the smell of my numerous friends does not seem to worry them.

My dad travelled with his work to numerous aboriginal communities in WA and has seen the sort of dogs that run wild there and he has stated that he does fear those dogs because they run in packs, unlike me, a well behaved dog that just wants to see Australia with my people.

I believe the National Park rules on banning pets is following the way that National Parks were originally set up in the USA where they originated, even though now you can go hiking in National Parks in America with dogs on leads.

Please wake up you National Parks bureaucrats. You are losing a lot of money by not allowing myself and all my friends and their people in. Considering the main claim for tourists to the NT is Kakadu and Uluru. The cost of leaving me in boarding kennels and the backtracking of travel to pick me up does not justify visiting either of these places.

Dogs in National Parks
by: Donna

So, if I just took my dogs there on a leash, what would happen? Are there big fines? I am sure people must do it, just use their common sense. Your input would be much appreciated.

Why no dogs?
by: ozdivergt

We are living in our Winnebago Longreach full time and travelling with our beloved Bob the Shih Tzu who is four, the best behaved dog I've ever known and as gentle as a lamb.

The problem is that one bad dog tars all of the, with the same brush. We intend going to Uluru in the next month and Bob will be coming with us. We'll take photos while we're all in the car with the engine running and the air con on. I wouldn't climb the rock anyway as the indigenous people's prefer we didn't.

We will stay at the resort where dogs are allowed. We would like to take a scenic flight but well have to work out how best to have Bob looked after for a day. It would be nice if there were other dog owners on the camp site who we could swap day care with. So one day we looked after their beloved pooch winkle they went sightseeing and maybe the following day they would return the favour.

Australia is so up its own arse when it comes to national parks, after all they've just allowed the killing of sharks on the barrier reef and recently they culled their national emblem the kangaroo in Canberra.

Australia is so full of double standards. Don't they legally hunt wild pigs, gas cane toads, legally kill crocodiles? Who says what which people can do in this country? Most of the animal problems are self inflicted by the introduction of none native species and look at the problems caused!

My dog loves being with us and we only leave him in care after thorough vetting of the facilities and certain knowledge that his experience will be a fulfilling one. I wouldn't dream of leaving him at home for my pleasure. What's the point of sharing life with a best friend when they're mostly left out of the best parts - travel.

I say well done to everyone who perseveres and travels with their beloved pet. I know my life would be a whole lot emptier without Bob.

Dog Minding
by: Dogs nat parks

I would happily care for some ones dog in return for same favour. If we all assisted each other then our belived furry friends could go everywhere with us. I totally agree Australia is full of double standards.

National Parks?
by: Anonymous

It is about time someone with intelligence took over National Parks and allowed well behaved people and their small companion dogs to enjoy our country and not lock them away. National Parks is a very expensive drain on the Govt and people of OZ.

Dogs in National Parks
by: Donna

I agree anonymous.

No Fees
by: Ronnie

If we are having $25.00 ripped off each of us for going to look at a lump of rock then I'll be taking my dogs with me.

by: Donna oshea

That's $100 dollars for us then. Pay the fine I say, if that's unlucky.

Well behaved
by: Anonymous

Huh? Don't you all understand that if the NPs make a rule for *well behaved* dogs that will very soon bring all not so well behaved dogs and cost them lots of money to sort out the legislation for what is well behaved and what is not? Somehow they obviously have to control the situation in a sustainable way.

Dog at Uluru
by: Jim

I’m planning a trip to Uluru at Christmas and plan to take my best friend with me. I'm travelling on my own except my dog.

Whilst there may be rules about national parks, surely a dog in a car can't pose any threat to anything?

I am happy to camp well away from the national park.

Does anyone have any information that would be helpful?


Going to Uluru with my Dog
by: From brazil

I'm taking my dog and he is a trouble maker...haha.

Dogs in parks
by: Anonymous

Well said!! Actually a good laugh...but true.

by: Andrew

What is the penalty if you take a dog in national park?

Service Dog
by: Anonymous

We take our dog everywhere with us when travelling, including national parks.
We have had one complaint, from a yank couple. The woman started staring at us, whilst the husband quietly whispered in her ear, 'I think he's partially sighted'... So that gave us a great idea! We ordered a 'service dog' reflective handle, and now my partner pretends to be partially blind, sunglasses on, and I take his arm when we walk through national parks. Genius way of getting into national parks with your dog!!
Otherwise...I agree with lots of comments on here. Dogs not allowed - utterly stupid!
We use a very short leash and at times, pick up her too.

Dogs at Uluru
by: Finn

Were going up to Uluru in march and want to take the dog, so its been good reading all this. Now we know we can find a campsite nearby that allows dogs and still see the Rock! cant wait : )

Australia is peculiar....
by: Clare

Australia is its anti-dog policies. I started out by reading the initial posts in this thread from someone who stated that dogs are banned from National Parks in Australia "just like the rest of the world". Well, just to clarify, that is back to front.

Australia is practically the ONLY country to ban dogs from its National Parks - let’s be clear on that.

National Park Laws
by: Anonymous

The reason I believe you cannot take dogs is because of poison baiting in National Parks ? I do believe Australia needs to understand that the majority of people whom do travel have dogs and when travelling for long periods of time what do you do with their dog ? They would fret to be away from their owners for extended periods. I think the National Parks in Australia need to wake up. Malcom Douglas was always with his best mate, his dog. Someone needs to address this to the Government Agencies who are responsible for these laws. So can you drive through Australian National Parks with your dog ?

National Park Laws
by: Anonymous

The reason I believe you cannot take dogs is because of poison baiting in National Parks ? I do believe Australia needs to understand that the majority of people whom do travel have dogs and when travelling for long periods of time what do you do with their dog ? They would fret to be away from their owners for extended periods. I think the National Parks in Australia need to wake up. Malcom Douglas was always with his best mate, his dog. Someone needs to address this to the Government Agencies who are responsible for these laws. So can you drive through Australian National Parks with your dog ?

National Park Laws
by: Anonymous

The reason I believe you cannot take dogs is because of poison baiting in National Parks ? I do believe Australia needs to understand that the majority of people whom do travel have dogs and when travelling for long periods of time what do you do with their dog ? They would fret to be away from their owners for extended periods. I think the National Parks in Australia need to wake up. Malcom Douglas was always with his best mate, his dog. Someone needs to address this to the Government Agencies who are responsible for these laws. So can you drive through Australian National Parks with your dog ?

National Park Laws
by: Anonymous

The reason I believe you cannot take dogs is because of poison baiting in National Parks ? I do believe Australia needs to understand that the majority of people whom do travel have dogs and when travelling for long periods of time what do you do with their dog ? They would fret to be away from their owners for extended periods. I think the National Parks in Australia need to wake up. Malcom Douglas was always with his best mate, his dog. Someone needs to address this to the Government Agencies who are responsible for these laws. So can you drive through Australian National Parks with your dog ?

National Park Laws
by: Anonymous

The reason I believe you cannot take dogs is because of poison baiting in National Parks ? I do believe Australia needs to understand that the majority of people whom do travel have dogs and when travelling for long periods of time what do you do with their dog ? They would fret to be away from their owners for extended periods. I think the National Parks in Australia need to wake up. Malcom Douglas was always with his best mate, his dog. Someone needs to address this to the Government Agencies who are responsible for these laws. So can you drive through Australian National Parks with your dog ?

Dogs @ Uluru?
by: Sandy + Lucky.

Hi, I travel Oz with my dog Lucky, I hate to think that I can be banned from some parts of my country, because I have got my best mate with me? You are trying to deny me the right to see my land. Now- Open up the national parks to responsible dog owners.Set restrictions,- park custodion, to use common sense. -All dogs to be kept on a lease, unless other advice. Every-body will b happy campers. It's n0 fun to see something new without my dog. He is friendly + doesn't do damage. Regards.


Dog not permitted at Uluru
by: Donna

Hi, I've just spoken to the Ranger Station at Uluru and they confirmed that vehicles will not be permitted past the entry check point with any dogs onboard. Only registered companion dogs (with accompanying Doctor's certificate) will be permitted past this point and must remain in the vehicle at all times anyway. Alternatively, if you are transitting through the National Park enroute to Western Australia without stopping, then dogs are permitted provided they remain in the vehicle.

Dogs at Uluru
by: ken oath

Steve Irwin took his dog EVERYWHERE and he was an environmental warrior!!!

Dogs in nat parks
by: Anonymous

Well then it looks like if you are not a celebrity or indigenous then don't go.

dogs in national parks
by: Anonymous

What about a budgie in a cage ???
Ours goes everywhere with us.
No one has said anything to us.

Pet human
by: Braddles

I have a pet woman. Can I take her unleashed or do I have to tie her to a tree while I look at that big bloody rock?

yes you can
by: Ron Pescarini

Hi all just completed (24/8/14 ) a climb on the rock & then we did the base walk 10.6 k/m around the rock. On our walk around we said a brief g'day to 3 aboriginal women & kid who had 3 blue healer cross dogs who were taking their dogs for a walk (no leash ) around the scrub.
So that tells me that it is ok to take my pet into the national park or are there 2 rules one for the indigenous & one for every body else ?

So fed up with this!
by: Anonymous

I really hate all these 'anti dog rules' in Australia.
I'm from Germany where dogs can literally go anywhere, public transport, most of the restaurants (inside!!), mountains, rivers, national parks, shops, EVERYWHERE. My granny's besties in her elderly home had their dogs and cats living with them! Not a problem. Same story in other European countries.
I don't get the whole point in Oz, in National Parks you can find damaged fences (dangerous for native animals), cars are allowed to drive just like everywhere else with no special speed limit, and kids and some adults are acting out of control and damaging the environment.
Don't know what my dog should make worse when on a leash!!
Maybe it's about time that people get together and fight for dogs in NPs and public places. When I was planning a holiday trip with my husband and dog to Sydney (we live in Mel), it took me days on the internet to find dog friendly places and parks so the holiday could be enjoyed by all of us - so stupid! I noticed how lucky we are with dog friendly beaches in Melbourne, since in Sydney dogs are not permitted on most beaches. WTH?!!
I'm so fed up with it that we are thinking of moving back to Europe where we have more freedom with our dog - get this: there are hotels that specialise on people wanting to travel with their dogs, they've got Agility equipment (!!!) and are cooking for dogs! Just imagine you can take them inside restaurants, on public transport, to rivers and lakes.
I think it will take another good 15 years for Australia to understand that dogs are family and not born to live a life abandoned in the backyard! Poor Aussie dogs!!

Northern Territory no dogs no RV'ers welcome
by: M

I have travelled most of Oz except WA and I'd have to say that The NT has been the worst in regards to your pet dog. Darwin tops it so far! Almost no caravan parks take dogs and the caravan parks in Darwin cost a fortune! The council has not one sign but five or six to say no camping/no caravan/no motorhome/no anything basically to make sure they have covered all bases in case u think of hanging around there for the evening. The council/rangers are on top of everyone ther, I even saw a guy get in trouble for pulling his kettle out to make a cuppa. Only one caravan park out of town will accept dogs and the reserve will take dogs, oh and one more caravan park but its discriminatory- no Your dog (small medium quiet one) can't stay here, only lap dogs!
No dogs allowed in yr car/motorhome/caravan etc in Uluru (but Yulara resort $38 unpowered u can have them there) ... I don't believe there is any dog-minding service there. Lichfield no, kakadu no, katherine Gorge definitely not! The foreign rangers there are on your case even if u don't park well basically.. If u want to have a nice peaceful holiday with your dog and be happy and not be financially raped don't bother going to The NT and especially not Darwin! Sorry if I have offended any Northern Territorians but the bulls##t attitude towards dogs there and exorbitant prices in many places is ridiculous!

?Dogs in Nation Parks
by: Pettsy

Interesting reading. Thought my wife and I would drive up to Uluru with the dogs for a road trip at Christmas. Maybe not. Thanks.

Dogs in parks
by: LJB

My partner and I do a lot of bush camping. We are 2 women, 66 and 73 years of age. Our dog is a border collie and she is our security when we're free camping. Without her, we wouldn't want to go.
It seems to me the answer is obvious. Dogs should have to 'sit a test' before the owners are issued with a permit that allows their dog into national parks. The test could include the usual obedience expectations plus not chasing after small animals (fake of course) and what ever else the Rangers think necessary. Our dog would pass any such test. And if being on a leash at all times is part of the requirement then so be it. I agree, Australia is way out of step with the rest of the world and for Birgit to make that comment suggests she needs to do a little more research. We travelled Italy with pets and they were welcomed everywhere. It's time for dog owners to unite and put pressure on the national parks for change.

Dogs in national parks
by: Marie

My husband and I have two small dogs both are 11 years old and travel everywhere with us, we had planed on a trip to Ayres Rock this year but after reading all the comments I think we will be sadly giving it a miss, very disappointed as this will be the last big trip we will be doing due to age and health reasons and Ayres Rock is a place I have always wanted to visit.

by: Anonymous

Well thanks everyone for your comments, this will be our third winter going North from Melbourne. We wouldn't consider leaving our two boys home as we did 5 years ago when we did the loop in a caravan and we missed them badly and they missed us. Our whippet went looking for us a few times although the poodle seemed to cope not too bad. We said we would never go away again for an extended period without them. We travel in a Longreach which is very well insulated so can leave them inside quite safely for a few hours. They are very secure in their truck and have never disappeared from us. Last year we went up the Birdsville track and the year before we went to Cooktown, have never had problem finding camping areas. This year we intend going to Ularu and Kakadu, hence why I was looking at this site. Maybe not such a good idea or we just see what happens. I am happy to leave them in the truck but not much point if we can't drive into the Park. Does that mean Kings Canyon too?

Campin with pups - uluru trip
by: Tammy

Hi everyone,
We done a trip last year with our two dogs from bowen qld to steep point wa via the gibb river road! The pups come the whole way and we will never travel without them. There is always a way around the no go zones.

Just putting it out there, we plan to do uluru trip late September 2015, if there is anyone out there who plans to do the same, we would be more than happy to take turns looking after other precious pups at camp spots/caravan parks, so we can all enjoy exploring the area.

I don't think these rules are going to change anytime soon, so maybe all who love taking our pups travelling could work together to make things easier :) they don't deserve to be left alone or at home!

Cheers! :)

There should be a way around the issue
by: Anonymous

Some facts from reading the thread:
- Some people like being with their dogs
- There are Wild dogs in National Parks which destroy things
- Dogs are banned from National Parks

I assume that National Parks are:
- Concerning about people dumping dogs via a National Park
- Concerned about complaints from people in Parks who are bothered by others who have their dogs with them.

- Have a dog permit that ensures that dogs come out of the park
- Have a permit that has a cost penalty if people complain about a dog that is inside a National Park

The problem with such a system is that it might not prevent dogs being dumped, and it would cost money to administer.

I suspect that dog owners would just say such a system was just another wrought ... but if such a system did require a look at your dog license, that the license matched the dog, and that the system checked that the dog was with you when you left the park, then I think such a system would be worthwhile.

And if someone's dog was bothering some campers, then they could complain to a Ranger and the park guys could then sort out the dog issue, and even ban a dog from visiting parks (via a national database). And potentially fine a dog owner if their dog's conduct is poor.

Dogs in National Parks
by: Herbert

I think whoever made the rules for no dogs in national parks went a bit overboard. Would be better to ban some of these people who leave all their rubbish and beer cans behind when they drive out from a national park.
"Cats and dogs scare wildlife away", I personally reckon that a big 4WD plus camper trailer or one of this tourist buses scare more wildlife away than a well behaved backyard dog ever can.
We are from Europe and there are national parks all over the place. We even can take our dog on the skyrail up the mountain. If you have a leash and a mouth guard what should be the problem.

Pets not allowed National Parks and some caravan parks
by: Louise

Very interesting reading considering we are heading to Uluru within a month. I rang the caravan park who said they may know a pet sitter but 2 days later, still waiting for a call back. I'm thinking my next semi-retirement income will be a pet sitting business near Uluru. We have travelled since Easter from Townsville and had very few problems getting sites. Today we find that 80 mile beach and some other sites are not pet friendly, apparently due to previous problems. Fair enough but responsible travellers with pets have money to spend and it's unfortunate to miss beautiful places in My Country which don't welcome pets.

by: Anonymous

Hey Birgit
High on opinions and low on solutions!!!!

Pets at Uluru
by: Debztoy

I am heading to Uluru in December with my daughter and my dog.
I have been in contact with Uluru and asked about the situation with my boy, and they tell me that he is more than welcome into the campsite which is inside the National Park.

Obviously there will be things I can't do and places I can't go with him, but that is ok with me.

As for dogs in a National Park, the fine can be $15,000 per dog on the spot fine.

Dogs aren't allowed in National Parks mainly due to the 1080 poison risk which is a disgusting poison. Plus the National parks are protected.

Animal lover
by: Carole

I am also fed up about all these rules of no pets allowed policies. If you are a responible pet owner ie pick up your mess and the dogs mess and keep the dog on a leash then all is safe. My dogs will be coming with me on my many travels.

Dog Minding at Yalara
by: Anonymous

I just came back from Uluru, travelling with my two giant dogs. We stayed at the Ayres Rock Resort Campground where dogs are welcome. The plan was to tag team it in and out of the National Park with my husband while the other minded the dogs, however a quick enquiry at the tourist information centre landed us the number of a guy who lives in town and does pet minding. He was fantastic, for $30 per half day per dog he looked after them in his backyard and took them for walks around town! I believe his business venture is Yalara Pet Minding, however he is not affiliated with the tourist resorts, just a nice local.
So proof you can take you dog to Uluru :)
Safe travels everyone.

no dogs
by: Jock

Person named Bright, you are not so very bright, there has been many bushies make documentaries traveling the outback and into national parks WITH THERE DOG

Well Behaved?
by: Eric

The center of this problem is not the well behaved camper's dog. It is the poorly behaved, poorly controlled dogs belonging to the pinheads who have made big trouble with their dogs everywhere. If you want to know just have a walk around any poor suburb of any city. PitBull crosses abound and you take your life in your own hands. The I'm a tough guy because I have a tough dog people are very prolific and have lots of poorly behaved children who will have poorly behaved dogs soon.

Pets and the NT Park Policy
by: Anonymous

Quite honestly after having worked as a Park Ranger in another State the best option to travellers with pets, like myself, with the legislature they have in place, is don't even bother visiting the NT. Far better options in Oz than to travel through their half thought, easy out, cover our arse, type legislation.
Oh, and I notice they have a rabbit problem at Yulara and they're worried about a dog travelling in a vehicle.

travelling with cats
by: Anonymous

Hello, So would it be safe to say we can travel with our cat into all national parks in Australia and stay if the cat stays in the motorhome ?

by: Anonymous

Those of us who are travelling to the Northern Territory. Let us all start telling caravan park owners that we are willing to mind each others dogs day about. Or in the case of Camp sites walk around and start a conversation with other campers who have their dogs with them and make your arrangements. Then we will all be able to visit National Parks knowing our beloved pet is in caring hands.

Dogs in Australia
by: Catalin

I have lived in many countries and I have to say that Australia (and New Zealand for that matter) is not very pet friendly. I agree, the idea of not letting a well-behaved dog into a national park is ridiculous. Even city parks that do allow dogs insist they have to be on a leash, although I don't always do that because I need my dogs to run, would you like to be on a leash throughout your life? In downtown Brisbane there are even streets where dogs aren't allowed and one district even prohibits a person from walking more than 2 dogs at the time. Never seen this before in ANY country.

Back to national parks, the excuse for not letting dogs in is that they want to protect the wildlife. How about all those bogans (hillbillies) and their stupid mining, ranching, and logging? Just recently in Tasmania the government there was about to turn a World Heritage Site to a logging company. That's the problem with Australia. It is a wealthy country, but not because people are intelligent and innovative, but because they have mined and grazed the hell out of this land until there is very little left in its natural state. Almost everything that is inhabitable is private land and much of it destroyed.

The dogs that you and I take camping are not the danger to Australia's wildlife - it's the redneck mentality. I'm afraid it won't change any time soon, just think about it, it took them a few hundred years to give Aborigines equal rights.

Travelling with my dog (pit bull x)
by: Anonymous dog wisperer

I am a dog trainer and a dog whisperer, I have now travelled for 5 months with my rehomed dog. She has settled dramatically in the 8 months I have owned her. She was from a backyard breeder in NSW. Made for hunting as these breeds are, but all dogs have instinctive traits, there are so many irresponsible people and dog owners alike. Many people are not aware the food we feed to our pets is the biggest issue for native animals, a non natural diet introduced through their feaces is what causes native animals to become susceptible to immune deficiency disorders! People need to be humble enough to clean up after their pets! As far as training a dog in all environments, the NPs are the best locations for learning the scents of wildlife, thus desensitizing them to the animals in our backyards. It is very sad it only takes a few bad eggs to ruin it for all, without the new experiences the dogs lack confidence and will usually react! As many humans do in new situations! I hope there will be changes to NPs regulations so next time I travel I can give my beast the same opportunity of experience and desensitization. It also means people need to accept the role of alpha and be responsible? As an insight some info centres mainly WA were OK with pet minding. Never hurts to ask. All the best. Happy travels

I'm taking the dog
by: Anonymous

He is part of the family and coming.
As a veteran I'm going and he's going with me.

I used to live up that way and used to take my last dog all the time.

by: Anonymous

The main issue is 1080 poison used to control wild dogs in National Parks.

A bird can pick up a bait and drop it ANYWHERE

What happens when you are walking your dog on a leash and it quickly puts its head down to the ground and swallows a bait?
What happens when you tie your dog to your car and underneath it is a fragment of a bait that it decides is a nice treat?

You might not even notice

By the time you see the symptoms, your dog has a 5% chance surviving if close to veterinary assistance. Which im pretty sure, you will be very far from.

That amazing national park that you just had to see with your best mate, might be the last thing you do togther...
Dunno about you, but I'd find that very hard to live with.

World travel truths compared to Australia
by: C Wattsin

One small issue with this feed... Australia is the most unpetfriendly place to travel! It can be done and we do with 4 kids in tow. But it takes a lot of planning and isn't as well involved bling of our dogs as we would love.

Domestic controlled well behaved dogs are allowed in most USA, Canadian and European national parks monuments and many establishments. In fact most hotels allow dogs too!
We have travelled intensively and can tell you first hand that it is not the case worldwide as it is here!

We find it the most frustrating to travel here at home.
Unfortunately a few bad owners make it hard for good owners. If more places where pet friendly dogs would be better socialised and hence fewer issues. It's a double edged sword and under the current rules there is no chance for a happy medium!
Such a shame we still live in the past here. Hope Dr Chris Browns campaign to make Australia more pet friendly works.

Just do it.
by: Anonymous

Obviously the nearby campground, while expensive, does allow pets. We will take our dog and try and find someone in the park who wants to babysit our dog or swap dog sitting favours. Always happy to pay someone for this as it is a good way for grey nomads to make a bit if pocket money. We have travelled on this basis winging it as we go and don't feel that we have missed out on too much.

Pets at Uluru
by: Pat

Mt Ebenezer camping ground have an advert saying they have dog minding facilities.

by: Cath

I understand the no dog comment in National Parks but I have never seen anything written so bluntly.
I also would like to take my dog travelling. Perhaps I will seek a professional comment on the matter.

Pet minding Yalara
by: Anonymous

Thank you to anonymous for your comment re the pet minding person at Yalara.
We are hoping to travel to Uluru from Brisbane next year with our dog.
I agree that dogs should be allowed in NPs if they're on a leash.
Only the responsible owners would be bothered to take their dogs on such a walk anyway.
Lots of talk about banding together to make the bureaucrats listen and change things, but no action that I know of.
Would love to hear of any.
I am a wildlife supporter and I agree that our pets would be less aggressive to wildlife if they were more used to it. They'd say, "Oh look, another koala... Not interested!"
Anyway, it's good to have your thoughts and also know of pet minders near Uluru.
Thanks all. Happy travels :)

by: Anonymous

Just want to know if there's any place to camp with my dog.

by: Anonymous

God I have heard it all, stop your bitching, people. I have two dogs and they travel with me everywhere. Yes, it's hard at times, but bottom line is we can't take them everywhere. B is only trying to help visitors. Bottom line, if you don't like the rules don't travel with dogs. Simple.

Service dog visiting Ayres Rock
by: Anonymous

I have a service dog and will be traveling in the month of August. Can he come with me?

by: Anonymous

Be vigilant and careful in Ayres Rock campground. Partner unzipped camper door this morning 'before' putting the lead on border collie. She ran out to go to the toilet. He called her back immediately and went to get her, as she'd gone other side of wire campground fence next to us on dunes, and a German tourist began throwing rocks at her.
We're usually very careful whilst travelling to have her lead attached and hadn't incurred previous problems. August 2018

by: Anonymous

Pretty sure the last person who took their dog into UKNP was fined roughly $16,000. Just putting that out there.

Yes australia needs to get with the times
by: Anonymous

Just got home from travelling USA and Canada. Dogs were treated properly there and allowed in every national park with obvious sane rules like leads etc. Saw 100s of dogs and they were all great.

I hope Oz works out a solution and gets a sane policy that is kind to pets.

Dog carers at Katherine
by: Kerry

Does anyone know of somewhere you can safely leave your dogs while doing the gorge cruise and other national park tours?

Minority terror
by: Greg

65% of Australians own a pet. 35% do not, yet you can not take a pet anywhere in Oz, as easy as you can anywhere in Europe and USA, including shops, restaurants, planes let alone in camps and wilderness!? Stupidity of a nanny state ruled by the few at its best!!

No dog no holiday
by: Anonymous

My dog is part of the family. If she's not welcome, I'm not welcome. I will spend my money elsewhere NT.

Sitter dog
by: Anonymous

Does anybody know a dog sitter near Ayres rock , curtain springs or Ghan for three days or do we have to go to Alice springs for a sitter.

Pets at Uluru
by: Anonymous

We visited Uluru in 2002 with our pet dog and were allowed into the Uluru area and actually walked around the rock with our dog. We were told at the entrance that while it was a NP it was owned/managed by the local Indigenous people and well behaved dogs on leash were ok. We couldn't however take our dog into Kings Canyon and some of the other areas. That is 17 years ago so may have changed, in any case it might be worth checking out further.

disablity dog NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a disablity n i have a dog cause of my ilness can i bring him with me cause need him for sorport

Responsible Dog Owner
by: Anonymous

Watch YouTube. "Responsible dog owners" are always sneaking their dogs into Ayres Rock yr in yr out. I respect rules only when they make sense. What a boring life it would be if we followed every world rule to the letter of the law.

Half the time nobody is in attendance at the entry gates. If my dog is on a leash and well behaved, he is no danger whatsoever to any wildlife so what's the prob?, I know, it's the rules. If you allow your dog to wander, of course he "could" be a danger to wildlife.

Humans carry more body diseases than dogs yet not allowed into Uluru but I get it, "it's the rules". Take a look at all the YouTube videos/docos showing people with their dogs at Uluru. The idea of pet bans on national parks is only about danger to wildlife.

Lack of staff do to covid guarantees the entry to Uluru is not manned allot of the time and especially after midnight and once inside, they will not be using resources to patrol Ayres Rock to look for the odd dog on a leash. Just pick your time, keep your dog on a leash and to heck with barbaric stand over rules.

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