Question about camping in Katherine Gorge

by Diana
(Los Angeles, CA)

I like what you say about an overnight canoe trip in Kathering Gorge. My husband and I will be there in late May in a campervan. How would we get camping equipment for an overnight canoe trip?

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Camping when canoeing in Katherine Gorge
by: Birgit

Hi Diana,
Hm. That's a good question. I am afraid you will have to organise something yourself.

The good news is that you don't need much.

The nights in late May will still be warm. You don't need a tent, but you will need mosquito protection.

You'll be fine for one night without cooking, so you don't need to take gear for that, just food.

So what you'd need to bring would be a mosquito dome or nets, a cheap ground sheet/foam mattress and a light sleeping bag.

(I guess in a pinch you could just bring a packet of mosquito coils and set them up around your chosen sleeping area...)

So your choices are to either spend some money on buying some stuff for single use only, or to really rough it. At this point I can't think of any other options, as that is just not the kind of gear that anyone would hire or sell second hand.

By the way, before you spend money, do make sure that the gorge is actually open for canoeing. After a big wet season it can take a while for the water to drop enough to make canoeing safe.

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