Remote cattle station and travelling in wet season

by Jonas

I travelled the outback--Adelaide to Alice--by road in December 06. What an experience! I got intrigued by a book about a remote station-Rivereen, not sure if it's NT or WA? I would like to visit if possible but can't find any info?

I plan to visit in Jan or Feb and the same time would like to visit Kakadu and area around Darwin--a stupid idea you think?
Grateful for any response!!!!

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by: Birgit

Hi Jonas,

No, I don't think it's stupid at all to visit the north in the wet. (Trying to visit a cattle station in the wet is a different story, more on that below.)

You just need to plan it right, with enough flexibility, and know what to expect and be sure that you are fine with that. (That the roads may be flooded and you may get stuck etc.)

I love the wet season up here. It's a magnificent time of the year, wild! And hot, humid and unpredictable...

Here are two submissions from a reader who was up here in the wet:

Katherine Gorge in the wet season
Kakadu and Litchfield in the wet season

Here's another relevant reader question:

Traveling the outback in the wet season

And here's a page I wrote about the wet season in Kakadu.

Regarding your other question, I suspect you may not have found info because it's spelled differently: Riveren Station.

It's in the Northern Territory, south west of Katherine, towards Victoria River.

Terry Underwood - Riveren. Is that the book you meant? She has a contact page on that site, but Terry doesn't the manage the station. As far as I know their son Michael does now. (The phone number for Riveren is (08) 8975 0775, but I'm not sure how well received it would be if you pestered them via phone...)

There are many other stations in the north. This link may be of interest to you. Read a few paragraphs down and you'll see, the Muldoons manage Midway Station for the Underwoods. So they may be an interesting contact, too. Or maybe you can visit one of those stations. Or through them get other contacts...

Though I can tell you now that the chances to get out there are very slim over the wet. After May is when the mustering starts and that's when they need all the help they can get. During the wet many may not even be out there as most of their land will be totally inaccessible.

by: Sheena

Hi Jonas,

I worked for the Underwoods for a month a few years ago. If your looking for the real outback, this is the place. It's an amazing place, so remote, that I think the nearest neighbour is over 100k away.

They are very hard working people. Terry and John are retired and live on the farm. Their son Mick and his wife Georgia run the farm and have 2 kids (maybe more now.

If you are looking to visit the fame you should talk to Georgia, she is an amazing and very kind person! I dont think you would be able to drive there in wet season cause even in the dry you would need a four wheel drive!

If you do get the chance to visit or work for them give them my reguards!

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