Road travel from Darwin to Perth. Australia.

by D.S. Sekhon
(Carlsbad, Calif. USA.)

I am reaching Darwin from Adelaide by "The Ghan". I want to know if there is a bus service from Darwin to Adelaide. I chose this mode because I want to see the country side. Are there stops where I can break the journey if I wish to? How many miles to Perth, how long if the trip is not broken? Thanks.

Re: Road travel from Darwin to Perth. Australia.

I assume you mean bus service from Darwin to Perth, as in the headline?

Yes there is. If you go to you can find out about prices, duration and the stops on the way.

The driving distance between Darwin and Perth is about 2600 to 2700 miles, depending on the route.

Driving time on Greyhound is from 8.15 am on day 1 till 5.20 pm on day 3, three days and two nights, about 57 hours.

You can stop wherever there is a stop. Broome would offer itself and is very much worth a stop.

However, this is a normal interstate bus service, not a tourism trip. There are no organised tours as on the Ghan.

If you are after more of a tourism experience, there are many operators that offer coach tours and I am sure you can find a suitable one from Darwin to Perth.

(To pre-empt that question, I am a traveller and not a travel agent. I can share my experiences with other self drivers and campers, but I do not give advice or take bookings for tours, accommodation etc.)

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by: Dysfunktional

Hey nice web site,iv been here a few times now and found it useful,anyways i fly in to darwin in 4 weeks and plan to make my way down to perth by bus, were do you recommend i stop off on the way?im trying to keep a tight buget

Check the free guide
by: Birgit

I'd say all the usual places. Have you checked the free guide? The west coast is pretty wild and remote. Since you don't have your own transport you pretty much have to stick to the usual tourist destinations.

It's not the best time of the year for the north btw, but the free guide covers that as well.

the once wild free west
by: Anonymous

Before reading your article, whereoff the first lines look reasonable at first sight, there are some things to share, and on purpose - before collecting the information you are delivering: if ever you can do the western coast in your younger years, just do it - party time you can do so - at any stage in your life. But at younger years whithout wife/husband and kids you will do things that are only possible at that stage - and probably possible only in Australia or New Zealand. So go along with the really good flow that is happening along the West Coast, just don't spoil it, keep it clean, put you'r waste in the bin and respect the locals - they've been living there before you ever started to realize that you actually have a brain. Apart from that - realize that so many settlers died in these areas where so many leisure travellers risk their lives - whithout even knowing it. Never travel alone, always have water, stay with your vehicle, have a charged long range communication device, heed the advice of locals even if the advice was 300 km down the road. Stay away from any animal you do not really know. Empty your shoes in the morning (might be some nasty things inside - might). So in the end - as easy the way from Perth to Darwin might be on the highway - heed the advice of the people living there - they're not trying to make fun of you, they're trying to keep you out of trouble. What you learn - take it home.

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