The Climb - A Thank You

by Cheryl

Yes - I know it's controversial to climb Uluru. Some of our party made the decision not to climb, but I was one of the ones who chose to go ahead and do the climb.

It wasn't a trivial tick on a "to do" list - it was something I chose to do because the opportunity was there and I felt a deep desire to explore Uluru more closely. I found the experience truly moving. At no point did I "disrespect" the site by rushing up or calling out to people... instead I slowly climbed up marvelling at the sheer size and expanse of Uluru.

The climb was one of most deeply moving experiences of my life. If I return I will not complete the climb again as I believe it's a "once in a lifetime" experience and I don't know that it would have the same impact if I climbed it a second time. However, I'm so glad I had the experience and I thank the Anangu owners for letting me experience this.

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Uluru climb
by: Birgit

Hi Cheryl,
And I thank you for being brave enough to publicly post your opinions and experiences here.

If all climbers approached Uluru with the same attitude as you did, maybe it would not be quite as controversial an issue.

what should i do?
by: Alice

Hi everyone I'm Alice Bray and for school i'm doing a poster for my homework about if tourists should climb Ayres Rock. What to do what to do, hey can you guys help me at all?

alternative views
by: Anonymous

Go to the site below for an alternative view.

Likewise go to this site to see how the Americans do it.

Should a minority group of a minority group influence what the majority should be able to do?

The Rock was set aside as a world heritage area for its geology then 7 years later culture was added to the listing.

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