Touring Australia in a motorhome

by Karen Johnston
(Saudi Arabia)

My husband and I are trying to decide how to spend 5 weeks in Australia and see as much as we can. We will start in Melbourne and pick up a motorhome after visiting friends there.

We will have to pick a route to cover the most area and would like to see Alice Springs and that surrounding area (Ayers Rock, etc) and then drive to the Great Barrier Reef - maybe Cairns? - and then wander around the coast and some inland areas back to Melbourne.

Would it be feasible to drive the motorhome from Melbourne to Alice Springs to Cairns or would we have trouble in April with campervan overnight spots, weather, fuel?

Any suggestions as to the roads we would take for the 1st half of our trip - Melbourne to Alice to Cairns?

Thanks so much!

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Motorhome trip around Australia
by: Birgit

Hi Karen,

I assume you will be hiring a 2WD, and that means you have to stick to sealed roads. You just follow the highway from Adelaide to Alice Springs. You have a look at Uluru and Kings Canyon on the way, and maybe the East and/or West MacDonnell Ranges. Those are side trips where you'll have to back track.

(And it's all already covered on the website, in detail, with maps... Dig through the Alice Springs section.)

Then drive to Three Ways and then east. There is no choice whatsoever until you are nearly on the coast. Just follow the road. Any basic Australia map shows the way.

No, I can't think of any problems. Not even sure what you mean with trouble at overnight spots or fuel. It's a normal highway. Unless you get a 4WD and get off the beaten track, this is a normal drive like anywhere else in the world. You'll be fine. I think April is a great time for the center. Probably the very best!

Your whole trip is very long and 5 weeks is not much time. But it's doable, you'll just have to stick to the main beaten track and the main attractions. There is not much time to go exploring off the beaten track, but most first time Australia visitors don't feel the need to, because even the beaten track is pretty stunning :-).

If you don't mind doing a lot of driving then you will get a great look at the great variety that Australia has to offer. It's certainly feasible.

As for populated southern areas (Melbourne-Adelaide), you do have several options there, but your friends should be able to advise you for that part, better than I can.

Campervan Tour
by: Tony & Gill

We are coming over to Oz soon - spending a few days with relatives in Sydney then hiring camper van to tour - basically from 21st Oct through to Nov 15th - traveling south initially to see friend in Lake Boga, Victoria and then want to end up in Brisbane (as we fly back to the UK from there.

Where should we visit ? what sort of kilometers from Sydney, Lake Boga, Brisbane - would we have time to see Ayres rock etc.

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