Uluru great, but cut out the vacillating on climbing!

by Steve
(Benalla, Victoria)

Second trip to Uluru in July 2008. Climbed it the first time in 1997 when there wasn't much discussion about not doing it. This time around it is clearly a major issue. My family is very respectful of the traditions associated with not climbing, but my two daughters, age 13 and 16, really wanted to do it for the experience, knowing that soon it won't be possible.

We were there for a week, and despite saying that the walk was possible it was closed every day for wind - only on one day was it clearly too windy. Someone needs to make a decision - close it permanently, or allow climbers, and don't disappoint people and use spurious reasons to have it closed in an unjustifiable de facto way! Without the climb, it is still a fabulous destination, but don't expect to climb.

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Windspeeds vary with height and around obstacles
by: Birgit

Hi Steve,
Just because the wind is not howling at the bottom does not mean it is safe at the top. I understand you were frustrated, but to insinuate that wind is being used as an excuse to close the climb? That's a bit far fetched...

by: Katia

Yes Steve,

You are teaching your daughters about respect, I guess. Sometimes it is very dangerous from the wind on that rock, visitors have fallen. Death on the rock is a very serious matter for the traditional peoples there. I don't believe it is a false excuse just created to put a dint in your holiday plans. The word used by locals for those climbing the rock? "Mingas". Ants. Says it all, really. The carers of the rock ask those visiting to respect this place and not to climb. It is a request. Please respect this place.

by: Anonymous

It is ridiculous that you can say you have climbed, but judge others for doing it. Too many people have this attitude.

by: Anonymous

If you could possibly be preparing a honeymoon, I truly do recommend that you select the North Pole.

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