Uluru in December

by Virantha
(Auckland, New Zealand)

We are planning to fly to Alice Spring, rent a car, travel 450kms to Uluru, check out the park, gouges and back to Alice Springs in December 2008.

In terms of weather what should we (3 men) be expecting in Dec/Jan period?

Once we get to Uluru, is the other attractions like the park, gauge fairly close to each other?

What is the average driving speed on the road?

Is there any particular reason to take a 4WD over a car?

Also in terms of petrol cost, on average how much more is the cost in Alice Springs over the coastal stations? (sorry tough one)

I appreciate your thoughts on the above. Thanks for this site as its incredible in its knowledge and a fountain of knowledge to all who visit!!

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Uluru National Park
by: Birgit

Hi Virantha,
For the weather see this page

I don't understand the next question. Uluru is in Uluru National Park and I don't know what you mean by gouges. (You wrote that twice, otherwise I would have assumed it's a typo and you mean gorges, though that also doesn't make sense since there aren't any.)

The distances between the resort, the rock and Kata Tjuta are all mentioned on the Uluru National Park page.

Speed limit on the Stuart Highway is 130 kmh, same as everywhere else in the NT, and on the accident prone Lasseter Highway it's 110 kmh.

There is no need for a 4WD.

You can do searches for petrol prices on the internet and compare. There are several sites monitoring fuel prices. Obviously, the further from civilization you are, the more expensive it is.
(Update: I had to remove the link here. Unfortunately the NT government closed it's "fuel watch" page end of September 2012. So far I have not found anything comparable for this region.)

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you find the site useful and hope this helps some.

Uluru in December.
by: Spannerman8

My goodness it will be hot. Really hot. I went in March and found it to be like an oven (I'm from England). The flies are also a terrible nuisance so it is advisable to take a wide brimmed hat and a fly screen per person.



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