Driving From Airport To Ayers Rock

by Luke

Flying to Ayers Rock

Flying to Ayers Rock

I have an enquiry about driving to Ayers Rock from the airport there. My girlfriend and I will be travelling from Cairns back to Perth on the 3rd of October and have about 4 hrs layover in Ayers Rock on the way.

We are wishing to visit Uluru and possibly climb it during this period. I was thinking of hiring a car at Ayers Rock airport and driving us out there. My questions are:

Do we need a 4wd for the trip? Because the rentals say no dirt roads for 2wd vehicles. Are there any dirt roads on the trip to the base of Ayers Rock?

How long is the trip in a car from the airport to the rock? Time & km's.

And where can we purchase the $25 Uluru National Park ticket? At the airport?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Driving From Airport To Ayers Rock

Hi Luke!

Ayers Rock is located about 25 km from Ayers Rock airport. It's 6 km to the resort, another 8 km to the park entrance, and then 10 km more to the base of the rock. I'd say a 20 minute drive.

All the roads to and inside Uluru National Park are bitumen. After all, there are hundreds of big tour buses driving around in there... We're talking mega tourism, not remote Outback :-).

You purchase your tickets at the entry gate to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park as you drive in.

One word of warning: October is already very hot. On hot days the climb gets closed early in the day (to prevent people from killing themselves through heat exhaustion).

Depending on when your flight arrives you may not get a chance to climb.

Good luck!

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by: Anonymous

Hi Luke,
Just so you know, the Aboriginal traditional owners of the land ask that you don't climb Uluru.

It is their land, though only symbolically, on paper. They can't really make rules or ban climbing, so you are still allowed to climb.
Not climbing means being respectful of the traditional owners who have great wisdom about this amazing place.

For more info see Climbing Uluru

by: Anonymous

What a stupid comment to post. the rock is here for ALL Australian's and tourists to enjoy.
It is one of the great natural wonders and can only be fully appreciated by climbing to the top and seeing the spectacular scenery.

Same question, can you help me ?
by: Coralie

Hi Luke,

I'm exactly in the same case, I will fly from Cairns to Perth (in August) with a 4 hour stop in Uluru, so I wanted to know, did you manage to go to Ayers rock within 4 hours? Because I really want to catch the opportunity of being at the airport to visit the place! And was it possible to rent a car just for a few hours?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Climbing vs not climbing due to cultural sensitivity.
by: Samuel

In response to the idea of climbing Uluru,

A black fella said "you want to know why we don't want you to climb, do you see us climbing on the roof of your church? The roof of your parliament?"

All tourists and visitors must realise, that climbing Uluru is an insult to the indigenous population. Uluru is their church, their parliament.

If they climbed onto the roof of a white fellas church, Parliament House they would be arrested and go to jail.

It is only because the anglosaxon invaders who stole Australia took away all indigenous rights that the indigenous population cannot enforce any of their own laws to stop tourists and visitors from climbing Uluru and visiting the many sacred and sensitive sites around the Uluru site.

by: Anonymous

Two bits of general wisdom... climb Uluru if you must but just spare a thought before you do about why the Indigenous peoples ask you not to, then decide.
If you only have 4 hours I don't think you will get a hire car just for that amount of time, perhaps a full day or so maybe, check beforehand and be wise about the car hire, they can be and have been unscroupulous with heavy charges.
If you do decide to do anything in that heat take sensible precautions.
1 Buy a fly net.
2 Use lots of 50+ sunscreen.
3 Take at least 1 ltr water per hour of walking.
4 Cover up, the sun is extreemly fierce.
5 GOOD footwear, preferably ankle high hiking boots.
Remember, Australia is home to some VERY poisonous creatures that like to bite yer legs etc.
6 Mozzie protection and finally let someone know what you intend to do and your set off time and eta. Many people have died NOT doing the basics, DON'T be a statistic, you should be ok.
And yes, they do close the rock because of the heat. Don't attempt in extreme heat. It could kill you. Good luck.

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