My Uluru experience

by Brigitte Seum

Uluru Experience
I went to Uluru in 1982 when it was still largely called Ayers Rock, and before it was handed back to the Aboriginal owners. I climbed the rock – not really sure why but our entire group did.

It was the middle of winter, I was fit and I did not find it too hard. However, what I still remember most is how stupid I felt climbing up this rock. It felt totally inappropriate and not right – like nosing around through someone else’s home …

After the climb we trekked around the perimeter of Uluru – and that was an amazing experience. It has so many different nooks, groves of trees, different light and ambiences.

Walking around it, I could experience the rock and the land, and be in communication with it. I thoroughly recommend that walk for a glimpse into our Australian heritage.

Brigitte Seum,

Photo by Bunnicula

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by: Gagil Maru

Thank you for RESPECTING our culture.

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