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This page is about Austrailian animal videos and DVDs. I'm still looking for more Australian animal DVDs and videos, but there are already a few excellent ones here.

If you enjoy watching movies and documentaries about animals check out the list below (and watch the free clips that are available for some of them).

At the top of the Austrailian animal videos list you find a set of three videos that will give you four hours of viewing time.
These videos contain lots of information about all our weird and wonderful creatures, and also about all the dangerous animals in Australia that you heard about.

There are some more items that cover Australian animals in general, and specific films about kangaroos, crocodiles and sharks. Hopefully I will be adding more soon.

A word of warning: I can't guarantee that your chosen Australian animal DVD/video will be available today. Most will be, but some are not, and I best apologise for that in advance. If the film you're after is not in stock, please check back another day. And if it is available... Grab it while you can! ("Out of stock, usually ships in 3 - 5 days" means you can order it, it just takes a bit longer...)

Wild Wonders of Australia

This is a set of three VHS videos, with a total run time of nearly four hours. The two titles Forest - Ocean and Urban Arid & Wetland will introduce you to a wide range of Australian habitats, and to many unusual animals that have adapted to these habitats in the most amazing ways.

Most of Australia's dangerous animals are also portrayed here, like the Death Adder and the Fierce Snake, the Funnel-web Spider and the Saltwater Crocodile and many more.

The third title in the pack is Red Kangaroos of the Outback, a portrait of Australia's largest land animal. Though nearly everybody knows the Red Kangaroo by name, most people know very little about the life of these awesome creatures. Learn how these well adapted animals survive in the harsh desert climate and discover many mysteries and little known facts about them.

Find out more about this great video series.

Australia: Land Beyond Time

This short film explores Australian life from the beginning to the present days. Beautiful images show how plants and animals have adapted to survive in the harsh and unforgiving climate of the Australian Outback. A remarkable look at the Australian environment and Australian wildlife.

You can find out more by watching the free video clip that is available for this film.

Australia's Unique Wildlife

Meet all your popular Austrailian animals - like koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, dingos - and then let the makers of this outstanding video introduce you to some of the rarest species in our country. Ever heard of the Potaroo? Or the Bettong?

Find out more. There's also a free clip to watch with this one.

Red Kangaroos Of The Outback

Did you know that the red kangaroo is the biggest land animal in Australia? Find out how it is possible for these remarkable creatures to survive in the Outback.

Find out more.

Wild Discovery Crocodile Territory

And now meet some not so friendly creatures: saltwater crocodiles, the most dangerous predators in north Australian waters. These prehistoric lizards are fascinating creatures...

Find out more about our scary crocodiles.

The Great White Shark

Watch this account of the most dangerous form of human interaction with a great white shark, considered to be the most dangerous predator in the ocean (although as a northerner myself I'd say our crocodiles give the sharks a good run for their money...)

Find out more about sharks.

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