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On these pages you can find a collection of Australia travel DVDs and videos.

If you want to know more about Australia and the Australian Outback - nature, wildlife, ecology - or if you want to have a good look around our beautiful country...

This selection is a treasure trove!
On top of the list you find the most popular videos about travel in Australia and the Outback.

Further down you can find videos and DVDs for more specific destinations, focusing on the Outback, the north of Australia and the Kimberley, just like the rest of the website...

On the very bottom is a link to an even bigger selection of rare and special interest videos and DVDs (for those not afraid of information overload). No matter what your special interest, you should find something in there...

Travel with the experts, learn more about the culture, and experience what Australia has to offer. There's nothing like a bit of armchair sightseeing to help with to planning a trip...

A word of warning though, actually, two:

  • First, as often the problem with anything that's rare, I can't guarantee that your chosen Australia travel DVD/video will be available today. Most will be, but some are not, and I best apologise for that in advance. If the film you're after is not in stock, please check back another day. And if it is available... Grab it while you can! ("Out of stock, usually ships in 3 - 5 days" means you can order it, it just takes a bit longer...)

  • And second, if you are located in the US or any other country that uses the NTSC standard make sure that your DVD player is a multisystem (NTSC/PAL) player before you purchase a PAL DVD. (You will get a message before buying any DVD that is only available as PAL, read the description carefully.)

But now: Enjoy! (And don't miss the free video clips available for some of the films!)

Most Popular Australia Travel DVDs/Videos

Destination Australia

A set of two travel DVDs presenting four Australian regions: The Australian Outback, Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, Southeast Australia and Southwest Australia. That just about covers it... This is by far the most popular of all featured items.

Find out more/Buy this video - Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the most popular destinations in Australia. No wonder the DVD is a best seller too...

Find out more/Buy this video - Great Barrier Reef

City Guide Sydney

Not exactly the Outback, but I included this guide anyway since I get so many requests for it, and since most people do start their Australia trip in Sydney...

Find out more/Buy this video - Sydney

The Australian Outback

Stunning imagery of the Australian Outback by famous landscape photographer Michael Scott Lees. Scenes of breathtaking rain forests, countryside, oceans, snowscapes, Aboriginal rock art, and vast mountain ranges are accompanied by RiverTribe's beautiful and relaxing Australian tribal music. Armchair travellers sit back, relax and enjoy.

Find out more/Buy this video - The Australian Outback

Australia The Beautiful

Another armchair travellers' favourite. This CD includes three programs, and over a total run time of nearly three hours covers a lot of territory...

Find out more/Buy this video - Australia The Beautiful

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Special Destinations

Destination Australia, Northern Australia

This is just one of the DVDs of the popular double set featured at the top. It covers the Australian Outback and Queensland (the rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef). Of course the twin package is better value for money, but it's not always available. And if you are interested in travel in the Outback and the north...

Find out more/Buy this video - Australia, Northern

Northern Territory

This journey through the "Outback state" takes you through all the famous national parks - Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine Gorge - to the cities Darwin and Alice Springs, through the beautiful MacDonnell Ranges and their famous gorges and chasms, and of course to Ayers Rock and the Olgas.

Find out more/Buy this video - Northern Territory

If the Northern Territory video isn't available try The Northern Territory's Top End as an alternative. Find out more/Buy this video - Northern Territory's Top End

Darwin, Australia's Top End City

Tropical Darwin, my favourite city in Australia, and a great starting point for travel in Australia's north. Come on a round trip of this unique city, where crocodiles are just one of many unusual attractions...

Find out more/Buy this video - Darwin

The Kimberley Region

Land of timeless beauty... If you browsed my site then you probably know that the Kimberley is my home. Have a look and let me know if you agree that it is by far the most beautiful part of Australia...

Find out more/Buy this video - Kimberley Region

Best Beaches

I hesitated for a while before I included this DVD. It is a guide to the best beaches of the world, not just Australia. But it does feature my favourite beach retreat at Cape Leveque... And anyway, why shouldn't you find out about other beautiful parts of the world as well...

Find out more/Buy this video - Best Beaches

Searching for something in particular? Have a look at the full range of available Australia Travel Videos in VHS and DVD.

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