Finding Cheap Hotels at Ayers Rock

First off, there is no such thing as a cheap hotel at Ayers Rock.

If you look at the individual Ayers Rock hotels, and at what they offer for the price, it quickly becomes obvious that cheap isn't the right word...

However, you can certainly get relatively cheap deals for hotel accommodation at Ayers Rock, and this page tells you how to find those deals.

Where to look for cheap hotels in Ayers Rock

There are two ways to visit Ayers Rock (not counting organised tours, which will obviously include your accommodation at Ayers Rock).

  1. If you are in a rush you can fly directly to Uluru and hire a car there. You could also use the bus services and tours offered by the Ayers Rock resort.
  2. Most people want to spend more time and also see other attractions in the area, so they drive to Ayers Rock from Alice Springs (a 430 km distance).

If you belong to the first group, your best bet is to look for a package deal. And a good place to look for those is Tripadvisor. Scroll down, the pink hued boxes on that page, that are your deals. There are several boxes.

You can also check the separate pages just for flight deals to Uluru and car hire offers and deals for cheap hotel accommodation at Ayers Rock. (Always keep in mind, cheap is relative. This is Ayers Rock.)

If you have your own transport then all you need is the cheap hotel in Ayers Rock, not some package. You can still check the deals pages, but you should also use the little search box below.

It searches the 30 biggest accommodation booking sites on the web and brings back all the prices for you, so you can make sure you get the cheapest Ayers Rock hotel deal available.

There's always someone offering a special deal somewhere! And this tool finds it for you. Try it out...

Powered by Hotels Combined
  • Just enter your chosen dates,
  • click "Search"...
  • ...and you get taken to a page that lists what Ayers Rock hotels are currently available for those dates and the cheapest price for each.
    (Page opens in new window.)

If you click on the individual hotels you are shown all prices for that hotel from all booking sites. You can also view more details and photos. And if you click on the best rate, THEN you get taken to the booking site that offers that special deal. You can find out more about it, and if you like it you can lock in that rate while it is still available.

Good luck!

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