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More than just pictures of Ayers Rock...

Yes, this page has some of the typical sunset on Ayers Rock pictures. But it also has lots of useful information.

For example you can find out why everybody's Uluru photos look the same, and what your chances are to come home with a stunning and different shot...

If you do, we want to see it!

Uluru Pictures 1

Ayers Rock Sunset
Ayers Rock picture

There you have it. The classic picture of an Ayers Rock sunset. Bet you've seen it a million times, albeit looking somewhat better than my effort.

How come that everybody returns from Australia with exactly the same sunset pictures from Ayers Rock (that never look quite as good as the post cards or professional shots)?

For the simple reason that there are only two places where you are allowed to take sunset pictures of the rock. The sunset viewing areas...

Uluru Pictures 2

Ayers Rock Sunset Viewing Area
Ayers Rock Sunset Viewing Area

This picture should give you a bit of an idea what a sunset at Ayers Rock is really like. This is the sunset viewing area for independent travellers.

Uluru Pictures 3

Ayers Rock Sunset From The Bus Viewing Area
Uluru Sunset From The Bus Viewing Area

Photo by Ernieski

Here's my favourite Ayers Rock sunset picture. Great shot, Ernieski!

This view of Uluru from the bus sunset viewing area is slightly different (and better, in my opinion).

Alas, unless you book yourself onto one of the tour buses you get kicked out of this area an hour before sunset.

Uluru Pictures 4 - 6

Photos Of Ayers Rock Sunrises...
Good picture of Ayers Rock Sunrise...

Photo by Krossbow

Here's a picture of Ayers Rock at sunrise. I think... (I never got up early enough myself to see the sunrise at Uluru.)

And here are two more sunrises. Stunning...

Uluru Sunrise

Photo by Descramble

Early morning at Ayers Rock

Photo by Patrick Denker

Uluru Pictures 7 + 8

Climbing Ayers Rock
Climbing Ayers Rock

Photo by Melalouise

This is a picture of the Ayers Rock climbing path, and the sign that asks you not to climb Uluru.

Climbers at Uluru

Photo by David55King

You can see why the Aboriginal owners call the Uluru climbers "ants"...

Please note: Climbing Uluru Is Not Allowed Any More!

On October 26, 2019, to coincide with the 34th anniversary of the return of Uluru to traditional owners, the ban on climbing Uluru came into effect.

Uluru Pictures 9 - 12

Ayers Rock Pictures From The Base Walk

The one thing to do that will give you a really different view and experience of Uluru is the base walk. Many of the areas are sacred sites and photography is forbidden. Below are some photos from the Mala Walk, a ceremonial area that is open to the public.

Cave along the Mala Walk

Photo by MelaLouise

This photo shows one of the caves along the Mala Walk, where the Mala people were camped while preparing for the initiation ceremony for their young men.

Below are more caves and other views.

More caves along the Mala Walk
Mala Walk

Photo by AbsoluteWade

Dry waterfall at Ayers Rock

Uluru Pictures 13

Aerial Picture Of Ayers Rock
Aerial View Of Ayers Rock

Photo by Bunnicula

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