Ayers Rock Australia - Uluru
Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park

Standing in front of Ayers Rock in Australia...

Watching Uluru change colour as the sun sets over the endless outback desert and lights up the sacred rock...

For many travellers this is the most anticipated moment of their Australia holiday:

Ayers Rock, Australia

Ok, for some standing on top of Uluru is the ultimate dream, a "must do before I die" thing...

On top of Uluru in Australia

Photo by Acidming via Flickr

Either way, nearly every tourist wants to visit Uluru while in Australia.

But, as with all big tourist attractions, often the experience is spoiled by the sheer number of people, the commercialism, the prices, all the marketing...

Uluru Sunset Viewing Area
Ayers Rock sunset with the crowds

Photo by Patrick Crowley/"mokolabs" via Flickr

I know many people visit Ayers Rock in Australia with big expectations, and leave disappointed...

That's a shame. A visit to Uluru can and should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. In the articles in this section you will find all the information you need to make sure that your visit will be!

Uluru Sunset From The Bus Viewing Area

Photo by Ernieski via Flickr

Uluru Australia Background Information

Ayers Rock, Australia Ayers Rock Facts
Geological, historical and other quick facts about the impressive monolith. Size, exact location etc.

Uluru Climb Climbing Ayers Rock
It's allowed, but should you do it? Climbing Uluru is a controversial thing to do. Read this article and make an informed decision for yourself.

Uluru At Sunset Ayers Rock Sunsets
The everchanging colours of Uluru at sunset and sunrise are a famous spectacle. So famous that the viewing areas are rather crowded... Watch some videos and find out more.

Kata Tjuta - The Olgas The Olgas - Kata Tjuta
The Olgas (now called "Kata Tjuta") are part of the same national park (hence it's called the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park). Definitely make time for them!

Sunset At Ayers Rock Pictures Of Ayers Rock
A gallery of stunning pictures of Uluru: sunrises, sunsets, the base walk and the climb.

Uluru - Ayers Rock Visitor Information

Ayers Rock National Park Tickets Uluru National Park At A Glance
Essential visitor information for Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park: distances, fees, things to do, walking times...

Uluru National Park Map Ayers Rock Map
Several maps of Uluru, the Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park and the Northern Territory.

The Ayers Rock Resort Uluru Accommodation
Unless you visit on a day tour from Alice Springs you will have to stay at Yulara. The Ayers Rock Resort offers all levels of accommodation, from luxury to budget to camping.
All Ayers Rock hotels | Find cheap hotels at Ayers Rock

Camping at Uluru campground Uluru Budget Tips
The resort has a reputation for being ridiculously expensive. (The Ayers Rock Campground is the only reasonably priced accommodation there.) This page tells you how you can cut costs during your visit to Uluru National Park.

Been To Uluru Or Plan On Going?

Share your thoughts and experiences. Let us know if Uluru lived up to your expectations or exceeded them. Maybe you can share a great tip on how to make the most of a visit?

Have a great photo from the top? Or a spectacular sunset? A video? Of course we'd love to see them, too!

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Read What Others Say About Ayers Rock/Uluru

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Too much political BS 
We first learned about the controversy during a long drive to Ayers Rock and we all decided not to climb it. Upon arriving the guilt trip started when …

Uluru--If I go I will climb 
I've read quite a lot about whether and why to climb Urulu or not. There are a lot of reasons why conscientious people decide to climb it and why others …

Is it right or wrong to climb Uluru? - Have a think 
What is right and what's wrong? Every decent person would know the answer, those who don't, well you might have missed something important in your life. …

Ayers Rock: Overpriced GUILT? 
It is my understanding that traditional owners are in possession of both Uluru and the closest "resort". Note from B.: The traditional owners don't own …

Don't ban the Uluru climb! 
I thought long and hard about whether to climb Uluru or not. My husband and I did the walk around first and were very careful not to photograph the sacred …

My country 
I was first drawn to the rock as a 20 year old man. I some how knew that I would always go there. That I would go to the highest point of it. That I …

Don't climb - here's why 
Hi everyone, I arrived back to Melbourne last night from Uluru. Please don't climb the rock. We need to collectively stay off it, and here's why. People …

Get Wise 
I have not yet been to Uluru. I went to Australia in January, so in summer, and decided to keep the outback for the next trip in winter. However, what …

Central Australia in December/January 
My family and I are planning to visit Central Australia some time in December and January. But I worry about the temperature. Is it really very hot during …

Happy to have climbed Uluru 
Ever since I translated a story about an illegal climb of Uluru via Ngaltawata in 1976 - I think - for a mountaineering stories anthology, I wanted to …

Spiritual, Magical Uluru 
A few years ago, I went to Uluru. I was on a very low budget, but I went there, thinking the climb was closed a decade or two before. I was surprised by …

Uluru – frequently unanswered questions 
Beauty, bans, fines, nonsense & superstition... National or Aboriginal park? Aboriginal culture – the invisible side... Is it really worth a visit? After …

Uluru: Climb or not 
No, I would't "march into a Buddhist temple in shorts and hiking boots because the monks hadn't pressured "me" not to". But I certainly would do so dressed …

To climb or not to climb, what was the question? 
Tis funny how cultural significance changes over the years. The current guardians of Ayers Rock (Uluru) have brought forward opinions in the past 15 years …

Watching Sunrise at Uluru 
While we were waiting for the sun to rise at Uluru , I turned to see how far the sun had risen, when I spotted this guy standing on the roof of his car, …

Driving between Alice and Ayers 
How many gas stations are there between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, in other words, are they so few that we would need to fill up at each one? Also how …

Uluru in December 
We are planning to fly to Alice Spring, rent a car, travel 450kms to Uluru, check out the park, gouges and back to Alice Springs in December 2008. In …

Uluru - Tourist trap or mystical place? 
The articles in this guide really helped me create the right expectations for Uluru, and I believe doing so improved my overall experience. Thanks indeed. …

Awe struck at Ayers Rock 
Gidday! I finally got back home to write a few lines about how amazing my experience was climbing Uluru (aka Ayers Rock). I did have a little thought deep …

Drive to Uluru from Alice .. Any Mountain Roads? 
Could you please tell me if there are any mountain roads on the drive from Alice to Uluru? I plan to visit next July with my 3 children (12,16 & 17), …

Pets at Uluru 
ARE DOGS ALLOWED AT ULURU???? What did you do with your pets if they are not allowed???

Sunset and Sunrise Times around Uluru and Alice 
Can you advise what the approx sunset and sunrise times are around Alice and Uluru in late October/early November? Planning the driving for our trip and …

No need to climb Uluru 
I've been to Uluru twice now, and both times have been very powerful experiences, but I didn't feel the need to climb it. I would have to say that being …

Alice Springs/Uluru with small children in January 
We (2 adults, 2 children - 5 & 8) would like to do a trip into Alice Springs/Uluru at the beginning of January, for about a week, after spending Chrsitmas …

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Ayers Rock to Perth 
Thanks for your reply on the campervan hire from Melbourne to Perth question. We have now booked our campervan and will be travelling from Brisbane instead …

9-day round trip drive Melbourne to Uluru/Ayers Rock 
My friend and I are planning to rent a car and drive from Melbourne (leaving March 21 at 8 or 9am) to Uluru/Ayers Rock, returning to Melbourne by the end …

Alice Springs to Ayers Rock - 5 1/2 days 
I will be arriving in Alice Springs in the afternoon of March 24th. I will be driving the back way via Kings Canyon to Ayers Rock (4wd). I definitely want …

Uluru - a hypnotic presence 
On our first trip to Australia in August 2002 we drove from Darwin to Uluru in a campervan. Usually, before I leave home, I like to read books about the …

Planning Outback trip to Red Centre 
I need help with planning a four or five nights trip into "The Outback". We are an energetic couple 56 years old (a young 56). We love photography, camping, …

Driving From Airport To Ayers Rock 
I have an enquiry about driving to Ayers Rock from the airport there. My girlfriend and I will be travelling from Cairns back to Perth on the 3rd of October …

The secret of Uluru - how to enjoy this mystical place 
I admit I was never attracted to visit Uluru , neither was my hubby. Too expensive, too far away, too much hype about the rock. When I planned our fourth …

35 years ago 
We rode motorcycles to 'The Rock' about 35 years ago and pitched our tents at the base of the rock. This was back when the campground was literally in …

General tips for visiting Uluru 
Read all you can before you go as I am not going to tell a granny how to suck eggs. Make sure you ingest the advice and be wise to the risks, it gets …

Planning to attend 
Having visited some of the nearby "national treasures" such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, the masses have disrespectfully trashed these areas in search …

Just climbed the rock with NO regrets 
I just returned from climbing the rock. I at no time felt guilty. If I owned something that was precious but the government took it off me for a long …

Climb the rock! 
I climbed the rock back in 1987 and it was a soulful experience. All Australians have the right to climb and they should. I felt more in tune with our …

Kata Tjuta the most amazing experience 
A few years ago I did a drive with a friend from Cairns to the Red Centre. I was firstly stunned by the Devils Marbles but after that Kata Tjuta was …

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